ETSY's Ads Lie

If you are doing a search to have your wedding vows written in calligraphy along with your favorite wedding photo you can be easily fooled by ETSY and other so-called calligraphers. 

ETSY Description of the Product says: Calligraphy

It's "buyer beware" because your item is described as calligraphy. You may not realize you are getting a computer generated calligraphy font!

A font that describes itself as calligraphy on ETSY

ETSY seems to have grabbed the top stops in search engines for calligraphy. But the truth is if you want your wedding photo combined with actual handwritten calligraphy in one beautiful piece, you cannot find it on Etsy.  

Some ETSY sellers have figured out how to combine a wedding (or other) photo with text or vows, but they are computer generated fonts- NOT calligraphy.  Now, if you want to save the expense of real handwritten calligraphy and you understand that you are buying a computer font that looks like calligraphy that’s fine. But the seller should explain that the “calligraphy” is actually a computer font! 

Saving Money with a Computer Font instead of Handwritten Calligraphy

When a customer has a very long text and a limited budget I will offer a combination of handwritten calligraphy along with a computer font to save expense. However I always have handwritten titles and other personalization along with your wedding or other photos and even selfies to elevate the look of the font. AND you KNOW what you are getting! But Etsy does not offer handwritten calligraphy with your wedding or other photos. 

using computer font and personalized hand calligraphy along with the couple's wedding photo
Father's wedding speech in combination of computer font & personalized calligraphy. The gorgeous couple's photo is right in the middle.

Design Skills with a Computer Font

I have seen the combination of computer font with actual wedding or other photography. However, the design skills are truly lacking. You want to be able to read the text and have it designed beautifully to let your photo and the text stand out. It's important to see examples that you like before you order. 

I would have encouraged this couple to use a different photograph. You can't see either of their faces! You can only see other attendees who are facing the camera. Oftentimes people are not aware of issues with a poor choice of photograph until it's too late. That's part of the designing skills that a good artist will offer. 

poor design of computer font with a wedding photo

An Educated Consumer of Artwork

I want you to become an educated consumer of artwork and that's what many of my blog posts will teach you. Get true value for your money and get the best product for your money. 

If you are stumped and can't figure out a special gift here are many ideas where calligraphy and your photography (even selfies) are the perfect solution. Check them out!