Calligraphy is beautiful, there's no doubt. So many people save envelopes that are addressed in calligraphy and put them on their refrigerator doors so they can see their names written out in beautiful handwritten calligraphy.

When you treat yourself, or someone you care about to a hand written calligraphy quote, don't stop short by just having it written in black lettering. Find a background that enhances the calligraphy. Step out of your comfort zone, and stretch! You will be so happy you did when you look at the finished piece and it visually excites you!

Ed first wanted writing only- black writing on cream colored paper. I convinced him to think of a background that he visualized when he thought of this quote. He found the perfect background, and you can see how much improved the calligraphy looks with his beautiful sunset beach scene.

Doesn't it make you excited to see the same quote with a wonderful background? He LOVES it - and I love helping my customers to really enjoy the quote that means so much to them!

So, when ordering calligraphy, think about what you are visualizing as you read the quote. Then let's find the perfect background for your text. Believe me, you'll love it even more!