Poet's Own personally written poem with wonderful background of a lighthouse

A Poem Written in Calligraphy

Do you write your own poems, or do you love reading poetry? Maybe you have a journal that is filled with your favorite poems that is hidden away where no one can see them or appreciate your writing! That's not good!

Why You Should Have Your Poems Printed

You should be proud of your ability to put words together that have meaning and bring out an emotional response from the reader. Not that many people have that ability. Having your poems printed and framed can actually help your self-esteem by showing your work to others and seeing how much they admire your talent!

(and sitting down and writing poetry can be very stress relieving as well!)

Original Artwork is Very Expensive

Do you have original artwork, not a printed version of a piece of art? If you do please have it insured. Quality artwork is very expensive. That's one of the benefits of being able to get a print of calligraphy. Writing calligraphy is a very time consuming process! 

Ideas for Types of Poems for Gifts

Thank goodness for Google to be able to find poems for anyone in your life- for him, for her, brother, sister, mother, father, long lost uncle, your boss. You get the idea. I have a post filled with gift ideas for the person who has everything for any occasion - things you probably haven't considered that will make great unique gifts that will be so appreciated!

Acrostic Love Poem based on a name Rachel in calligraphy with beautiful leading letters

Poems for Names

If you still want to write one yourself consider using the person's name to write an acrostic poem, or look up the meaning of that person's name.

I've made decorated "leading letters" for each of the letters in Rachel's name to really make her name stand out!

Combine a Beautiful Image or Picture with Your Printed Poem

Poetry combined with artwork makes the appreciation of the words multiply- and just seeing the image reminds one of the meaning in the poem. That's one of the best things when you work with a calligrapher who also designs artwork with Photoshop! I can take any photograph or background pictures you like and combine them to make a beautiful piece of artwork. This is so much more than simply printing calligraphy! 

High Quality Prints of Calligraphy

You may think of a having a print of calligraphy on parchment paper. But I want you to understand that parchment paper is not paper! 

Remarriage- anniversary couple superimposed on beautiful background
Gorgeous background with Rumi poem in calligraphy

Long Poems Written in Calligraphy

If you write long poems (or text) it can become pretty costly to have them printed totally in handwritten calligraphy. So many Best Man Speeches make great anniversary gifts, but they are very long, and costly for me to write out! Luckily, my calligraphy services include using Photoshop and that gives you options you won't have with other calligraphers.

Less Expensive Options for Long Poems

I have a great option that still looks like custom calligraphy but costs a lot less! I can use a beautiful computer font (there are hundreds to choose from) for the text and then write out  the personalization, titles or other parts of the text in calligraphy and use the photograph of your choice. People LOVE it- because it has the look of custom calligraphy, a great background, and it costs a lot less money. The only additional charge is for printing and shipping. It literally costs about half the price of writing a long poem in handwritten calligraphy.

Computer Fonts Can Look Great when Embellished With Photoshop

I have to admit, that sometimes a computer font can look great. NOT for an entire piece of artwork, but for a section of a title, sometimes a font works out well. I just LOVE how this western looking font was perfect for this poem. I did add flourished on the ends of the word and below the title. What do you think?

A western looking computer font added to the Mountains in the background made this custom calligraphy text even more beautiful

Song Lyrics are Like Long Poems

Consider using song lyrics you like for the text in your calligraphy gift. As with all of my custom calligraphy it can be personalized with a photo of your choice.

your long poem with custom calligraphy and computer font to save expense
Long and narrow mother's day poem balanced with side decoration
Love song lyrics incorporating calligraphy and a selfie photo

Framing Long Poems

Traditional framing is very expensive. When you go to a framing store or use a professional framer you will have to include the price of glass along with a mat and your choice of frame. Very often the cost of the frame is more than the charge for artwork that you are framing! 

Longer poems also are larger, and therefore the size of the frame and all of the expenses of framing increases. But you definitely want to be able to read the words in your poem, so reducing the size often is not a good option. There are ways that I can help with making the words more easy to read. Instead of making one long column of words I oftentimes divide the text into two columns and have the artwork in the middle. So instead of a vertical layout the art is in a landscape, or horizontal layout. It looks great. And I can enhance the title to make it larger. Since the titles are most frequently written in calligraphy that enhances that look of custom calligraphy.

candid photo of the first dance at their wedding with song lyrics in calligraphy. Background of wedding guests are transparent to put the focus on the couple. Combines calligraphy and computer font
40th Wedding Anniversary poem by husband to his wife with family photo written in hand calligraphy combined with computer font

Framing Calligraphy Poems

My calligraphy services go further than most. I am so proud to offer so many options for framing your calligraphy poems and texts. And, none of them use glass! Shipping frames with glass is dangerous. And online framing generally only offers lucite which is not a great option. It's not as clear as glass and scratches easily. The best glass for framing is non-reflective and it is VERY expensive. I have one special old piece of artwork that I had framed with non-glare glass. The glass cost more than the frame!

But the options for framing calligraphy on a wide variety of surfaces that I offer don't need glass! You get right up to the artwork and it is protected! I love the look of printing on metal, and you can choose a finish that is glossy or satin. Now we also have a choice of giving the metal a finish like linen or canvas- but it is still metal! Do spend time and check out these great options. And most of them cost less than traditional framing.

Another great reason to order these framing options is that your calligraphy comes ready to display right out of the box. No more work or expense for you!

Examples of Printed Calligraphy

Here are some photos my customers sent of their calligraphy print on non-traditional surfaces. They love it! You can read my google reviews. Check out framing options to see how you can elevate the look of your calligraphy print.

Father wrote a Christmas poem for his family. WIfe had it written out in calligraphy to makes a unique gift in calligraphy
Customer Testimonial for calligraphy
gallery-wrapped love letter from mother to her second baby in calligraphy
calligraphy printed on canvas, this is a thin wrap ready to hang
Memorial wall for a child who tragically died in an accident