Words To Live By, Literally ~

words to live by about the purpose of life written in calligraphy
A journey of a thousand miles inspirational quote by Lao-Tzu in calligraphy
"To Succeed" by Emerson- words to live by that inspire written in calligraphy

What Inspires You?

Once in a while, while I'm reading a book, or watching a movie, I'll hear a phrase that really has meaning for me. I call them my "words to live by".  I make sure I write them down right away, so I won't forget them! Sometimes the words are funny along with being meaningful like this mosquito quote.  

You have an impact words to inspire in calligraphy

My mother used to have sayings that I remember all the time. "This too shall pass" was one of them.  One of my favorite quotes is from Bonnie Raitt. I think she said this when she was a receiving an award for her top selling album:

"It took me a long time to get here. But I'm right on time."

Do you have a favorite quote or words that you live by? It's actually a double entendre: two meanings. They are words to inspire you to live up to a high ideal or ethic. And they are also words that you want visible in your everyday life to remind you how to live your life. 

Friends of Bill

The Friends of Bill, also known as the organization of AA has a profound saying that are their Words to Live By. Anyone in recovery can benefit from having this amazing, meaningful quote near them to inspire and remind them. My design combines the "Serenity Prayer" with "One Day At A Time".  This is a print that is available for with different backgrounds. To order just write to me.  It can be personalized.

One Day At A Time in Calligraphy
Words To Live By: Recovery Saying "One Day At A Time" combined with The Serenity Prayer designed in calligraphy
One Day At A Time written in a calligraphy design

Picking the Perfect Background

When you choose a beautiful image it links the saying to a scene that motivates, inspires or delights you.  It can help you get through tough times. It's like a mantra- you repeat it, you focus on it, and viola - it becomes true.

Words To Live By Rumi- Work Like You Don't Need the Money written in calligraphy on beautiful background

Personally, I keep The Serenity Prayer right over my computer. You can be religious or not, but those words have profound meaning! Nowadays, with all the stress that we are going through, The Serenity Prayer sure helps me!

Serenity Prayer in calligraphy above the clouds

Religious or Spiritual Words to Live By

Are the words you live by religious or spiritual? What are the words to live by that will help you get through the day? Do you use a meditation, a mantra, a prayer? The repetition of those words can truly change your mood and your attitude.

Motivational quote by Mark Twain written in calligraphy with a sailboat going out to sea
"I AM" spiritual poem in calligraphy

Words of Wisdom

Then sometimes someone writes their own rules to how to live life. This lady, Cindy, certainly had some interesting observations about living on a farm or ranch! You should read them, they're quite funny. And they are also probably quite helpful! 

Funny Words of Wisdom by farm girl in calligraphy

What words speak to you and can help you deal with the stress of the day. What words do you want to live by? Why don't you gift yourself, and see how much impact they have on creating a good attitude when you have them right by you written in calligraphy! Just write to me with any questions or comments, and we'll design your words to live by.