The Best Valentine’s Day Gift ~

A love poem I received from my then boyfriend (now my husband) was the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. Sure, chocolate tastes great and the aroma of flowers is divine.. but words of love last even longer. He actually wrote me a poem! It was almost two decades ago, and luckily I saved it. I know that love poems can sometimes seem sappy- but the events written about have special meaning to us, and maybe no one else.

Yes, I know…. he was smoking cigars back then, and THANKFULLY he stopped a long time ago. But, oh…. how that made me feel to read that poem- and even now I keep hoping that for Valentine’s Day I’ll get another love poem like that…

Great Valentine’s Day Love Poems

You may not be the greatest writer, but luckily, with the internet you can find wonderful poems.  ee cummings famous poem “i carry your heart” is always a favorite poem. I can add your personal message to any custom calligraphy project. This poem is available, and you can have it customized with your own photography.

Who doesn’t want to hear that they are loved or appreciated? Valentines Day is a wonderful opportunity to write that letter to your parent, child or special friend in your life.

Valentine’s Day Poem for a Boyfriend (or Girlfriend)

You can find wonderful poems online. Put in search terms like: love poem for wife/husband. Or go to the store and read through cards you like. Write down, or use your phone’s camera to take a picture of the texts to like, and combine them! Think about “your song” that you are your boy/girlfriend love. We can use your own photo and make this a totally custom piece that will always bring a smile.

Any questions? Just write, and I’ll get right back to you.

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