Special Gift for Your Mother ~

Mothers Day is the day of appreciation for your mom. I was really blessed with an amazing mother. She was smart, funny, warm and so supportive to me. I hope you had a mother like mine. I miss her every day.

MOthers day poem in calligraphy with personalized photo of my mom and me

A Special Keepsake for Your Mother

Then you have a loving relationship with your mother, you want her to know how much she's meant to you. For some people it's hard to say those words. Chocolate and flowers are not long lasting. (she's probably on a diet anyway!) But when you write either you own words, or find the right poem or quote, beautiful calligraphy is a gift that will show your love for the rest of her life.

Mother's Birthday Gifts As Well!

By the way, all these gift ideas are great for your mom's birthday as well!

Mothers day with my adult kids

My daughter Sarah, always spends hours going through cards to find the one that has the words she wants to impart.

It means so much to me, because I know how she's read tons of text until she comes up with the right one. I can tape them to the wall, but they fall apart after time. Framed calligraphy is a wonderful alternative.

(not to leave my wonderful son, Ben, out.... we too have a great relationship, but he NEVER gets me a card on time!)

We laugh about it every occasion!

Personalized Gift for Your Mother

Custom calligraphy for Mother's Day can combine the right words, and photos - of your mom; of the family, or even of her favorite flowers. It's totally up to you. You want to show your mom how much she means to you!

If you're not good at writing your own words- use my daughter's approach. Go to the card store and take pictures of the text in the cards that you love the most. You can combine a bunch of them and come up with the right sentiment for your mother. Or look online where there are TONS of poems, quotes, jokes... whatever you can think of will be there!

Gifts for Grandmothers, Aunts & Sisters

Some people were raised by loving grandmothers, aunts or sisters, or someone "like a mother". There are wonderful sentimental, funny and or religious poems, letters or quotes for all of those caring women who contributed to your childhood!

Make sure you're with her when she opens her gift, if possible- and keep the camera ready to see the look of joy, or the tears of love on her face.

Personalized Gifts for Mother

Mother’s Day is just one  time to show your mother how much you love and appreciate her. Her birthday is another occasion, and of course Christmas and religious holidays are times for a caring gift.

Chocolate and flowers only last so long- (and she's probably on a diet!). So why not get something that she’ll see or use everyday that reminds her of you and your thoughtfulness?

Some Unique Gifts Ideas

Unique personalized Mother’s Day gift can be a Stainless Steel water bottle, or a coffee mug. A personalized calligraphy quote, and a photo will make her water bottle stand out from all others at her Yoga class! It's great for BOTH of your mothers- your biological one, and Mother Earth! I can also design a personalized shopping bag for you mom!

Organic cotton bags decorated with calligraphy

Your mom probably has a cell phone with a cover. A personalized cover with a calligraphy quote and or photo would make a really great unique gift!

Is your mom a great cook? A personalized apron or cap with her favorite flower, or quote- or even a photo of you all sitting around the table eating her best recipe.... It's all up to you! Be creative!

Poems for Mother's Day

Thinking about what you want to write to mom? You can find lots of quotes online.

The Rumi Quote - "Work like you don't need the money/Love like you've never been hurt/Dance like no one is watching" is one of my favorites! And it can be personalized for your mom. You can even choose a different background. Does your mother have a favorite poem, or inspirational quote?

Words To Live By Rumi- Work Like You Don't Need the Money written in calligraphy on beautiful background

Personalized and Framed Sentimental Gift

You probably have lots of photos in your phone, but not that many that are printed. While there's still time, take some photos with your mother, maybe with your family. Make sure it's a great picture so it can be printed with your words of appreciation and love for Mothers Day. This photo and calligraphy together can be printed on a small size for her desk, or larger for the wall. No matter what, you know she'll love to see it every time she passes it during the day.

thanks mom with photo & calligraphy
Family mother's day gift
daughters thanking mom

Say I Love You Now

This was a very sad story. A woman wrote and said she needed this letter to her mother right away. It turned out she was in the hospital dying of cancer. The daughter wanted her mother to have the words right by her as the time got shorter. I did this calligraphy really quickly, through tearing up eyes. My mom died 11 years ago, and I still grieve for her.

love letter to dying mother

Gift for her First Mother's Day

This may be a very special Mother's Day for the first time mother. OK, she's not YOUR mother, but your wife (or spouse) is the mother of your beloved child. You can commemorate this first Mothers Day for her with your words of thanks that show how much she means to you for the greatest gift you could ever receive - your baby. I've looked all over the internet, but couldn't find a poem, or card to that effect. So you'll have to use your own words from your heart.

Mother's Day gift of pregnant new wife with her husband's dear God letter in calligraphy

Sometimes, the person who mothered you is not your biological mother, or she's your grandmother .... don't forget her on this special day.

Your mom deserves the best! But hurry with your order, or it may be too late for Mother's Day... but there's always her birthday, Christmas and other occasions. In my opinion, the best occasion to give a gift if NO occasion. It's "just because" I love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

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