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Fountain Pens

Writing With A Fountain PenDo you even know what a fountain pen is? Sending messages to people is now a matter of the fastest method possible using your phone to text, or computer to email. How many people are are writing with an instrument such as a pen or pencil anymore? How many people actually

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Acrostic Poem

Writing An Acrostic Name PoemAn Acrostic poem is a great technique to write a short, and meaningful poem about a person using their name. For those of us not as skilled as poets this technique uses the first letter of the person’s name to write a short, and concise description of that person!  There are

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Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day Gift of LoveValentine’s Day is coming up fast! Hey Guys: She’s probably on a diet so forget chocolate, and flowers die fast. A personalized Valentines’ Day gift of your words of love written in calligraphy with a selfie is something that will be sure to move her to tears of joy. And Ladies,

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Framing Calligraphy

Framing Calligraphy GiftsFraming your calligraphy poem with Beautiful Calligraphy is easy. There are so many options available. Getting your finished calligraphy framed can be a real hassle. You have to find a nearby framer. You need the time to go, and then may have a long wait to get your piece completed. Framing calligraphy can

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New Baby Gift

The Perfect Gift for a New BabyWhen a new baby comes into the world it’s such an exciting time! Having a new baby, whether it’s your first of fifth (or more) is time for a celebration. You want to get the perfect gift for a new baby. Going to the stores gives you the fun of

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Traditional 1st Anniversary Gifts: Paper

 Paper: Traditional 1st Year Wedding AnniversaryThere are actually traditional anniversary gifts by year that can make it easier to figure out what to get as a gift. It’s not hard to come up with a unique anniversary gift for the Traditional First Anniversary. The first anniversary gift is PAPER! If you want a really memorable paper

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Personalized Mothers Day Gifts

Special Gift for Your Mother Mothers Day is the day of appreciation for your mom. I was really blessed with an amazing mother. She was smart, funny, warm and so supportive to me. I hope you had a mother like mine. I miss her every day. A Special Keepsake for Your Mother Then you have

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Famous People’s Quotes

Famous Quotes from Famous People My custom calligraphy services frequent requests to write quotes from famous people: the ones we most admire. Your choice of a quote actually says a lot about you. What you believe in, how you live your life, what you are passionate about often comes from the people we admire and aspire to be like,

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Celebrate the day you met

Anniversary’s are a thing to celebrate- even if it’s not a marriage, but just the day you met. Unique Gift for the Day You Met Everyone remembers the day you met your sweetheart. It was memorable because it was the first meeting of someone that changed your life. I hope you still have that feeling

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Birthday Gift for Sisters

Unique Gift for Sisters – Personalized Calligraphy Are you looking for a wonderful unique birthday gift for your sister, or anyone you care about? There are wonderful poems that describe sisterly love that can made into a unique gift by having it written in calligraphy with personal photos of you and your sister(s). If you

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