framed calligraphy

Traditional Framing ~

Framing calligraphy can be quite expensive. In fact, traditional framed calligraphy art can end up costing more than the actual artwork than you are ordering! 

Example of Framed Calligraphy

This is a particularly well done traditional framed calligraphy piece. Notice how there's a double mat. The inside very tiny mat picks up the burgundy color in the leading letters in the calligraphy writing. Then the outer mat reflects the colors in the parchment background. Finally the wood frame is beveled and matches the color of the Zen circle. I'd give this traditional framing of calligraphy a 100% rating! 

Couple Opening Wedding gift of  framed calligraphy
Award inscribed with recipients names in framed calligraphy
framed calligraphy famous poem written in calligraphy with personal photo

Alternatives To Traditional Framing

In my calligraphy services I can offer some really nice alternatives to the type of traditional framing that you would do for a paper print (with glass) that you see above. And they can be less costly than traditional framing. But if your style of decorating is more traditional, you may prefer glass and a frame.

ps- If you are going to spend the money on having your calligraphy piece framed, make sure you use these tips for taking really good photographs! 

No Glass Necessary

These options have a fresh contemporary approach to printing/framing that you might really like. When you have a paper print you will need some way of protecting it, and glass is the most common method.

Typical glass in a frame is mostly reflective, unless you opt for non-glare glass. That type of glass is very expensive, but in my opinion it is completely worth the expensive. It's almost like there's no glass at all! I had to touch the example to realize that there was actually glass in front of the artwork!

contemporary way to frame calligraphy by printing on metal with stand built into your calligraphy art perfect for a desk

One of the nice things about alternative print/frame is that there is no glass necessary. The printing process includes a coating that protects the calligraphy and artwork so that it won't fade or degrade. And it arrives completely finished and ready to hang, or place on a table with a few different options for stands. And you don’t have to spend time and more money to shop for a frame. The price depends on what surface you choose, and the final size of the art piece.

Custom Choices for Calligraphy

The bottom line is, you have choices when ordering my custom calligraphy services. Let's work together to create YOUR perfect style of calligraphy art. Just click to contact me.

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