Your Favorite Poem ~

Your favorite poem doesn't have to be hidden in a book. Having the poem written in calligraphy and superimposed upon a beautiful background makes you able to enjoy it all the time! Yes, calligraphy and poetry naturally go together and double your pleasure of seeing an image that expresses your feelings about the poem.  With all the non-traditional framing choices now available your poem can come ready to hang, right out of the box! (look at the bottom of this post for examples)

Handwritten Poems by Your Desk

Every home I've gone into has the written word hanging somewhere. Many people end up handwriting their favorite poems or even printing them with a nice font from you computer. But it's so much nicer to have a beautiful poem that you love written in calligraphy and combine it with an image that makes you get double the impact. When you see a beautiful image that you can choose for yourself (or even a personal photo or selfie) along with the words it's now artwork as well! And you don't have to go rummaging through your computer or phone to find that picture!  So, get rid of those post-it notes with your motivational quote and gift yourself! 

Don't worry about how to  pick the perfect background. I'm here to help you every step of the way! We'll find an image that really is special for you or for your gift recipient. 

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

Serenity Prayer calligraphy print -gallery wrap

Nowadays, with all that's going on in the world I do need an inspirational quote to help me deal with this strange world. Right above my desk I have the "Serenity Prayer" on the wall. Believe me, I read this quote many times while I'm reading the news, or battling with technology on my computer that doesn't want to cooperate. It's my stress relief mantra that keeps me going! 

Motivational quotes also help me get into gear when I'm not feeling particularly inspired. I love funny quotes as well- and somehow, I never get tired of laughing when I read them!

The Peace Of Wild Things Poem

Most most often requested poem right now is "The Peace of Wild Things" by Wendell Berry. It's a beautiful poem that resonates with so many people who are worried about the state of the world. As I'm writing this post Covid-19, the novel Corona virus is killing people all over the world. There are environmental impacts that are destroying our beautiful planet. Parents are worried about their children, gun violence, terrorism, war, prejudice and so many other factors can make you feel totally out of control and stressed out. That's where this amazing poem comes in and brings you peace.. even temporarily. 

The Peace of Wild Things poem, by Wendell Berry

Kinds of Poems

A poem is the way to express your feelings with words. And there are so many forms of poetry. A fun and easy way to do a type of poem is called "acrostic" or name poem.  Of course we think of love poems as a romantic gift.  It makes a unique keepsake that never wears out or gets old.

Poems for All Occasions

There is hardly an occasion where a poem is not a wonderful unique gift. If you've been straining your brain to come up with the perfect unique gift for someone who has everything, calligraphy is the answer! There are unique gifts and poems for all occasions! There are poems and quotes that will be amazing gifts for everyone from newborn baby birth certificates to memorials for those who have passed on, and everything in between. Calligraphy poems, quotes, awards, sayings, prayers, and even jokes will bring a smile to someone's face and sometimes a tear to their eyes!

"My husband had tears in his eyes when he opened it!"- Amy Miller
Huntingdon, PA

Don't bother with those useless gifts for Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Instead a real gift can be made into a poem of love and appreciation for your parents and caregivers!  And you can personalize any piece with your owns photos and  "to, from, date, on the occasion of..."

How To Order

Don't worry about the process. Just write to me to get Started With Your unique gift Idea. We'll work together to come up with the perfect design. Just reach out to me and I'll be in touch within 24 hours.