Personalized Valentine's Day Gift special example

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift is Personalized

Guys: Don't get her chocolate, she's watching her weight. Flowers are nice, but they don't last long. The PERFECT Valentine's Day gift is a personalized keepsake that's ready for her desk, or her shelf. It's a very romantic gift that will always have an emotional impact. Many have said that opening a personalized love quote written in calligraphy brings tears to their partner's eyes.

This is a picture of me and my sweetheart for an example. It could be MUCH nicer with a good photo of you with your sweetheart, especially if you're not wearing sunglasses!   

Here's the Perfect Solution for a Valentine's Day Keepsake

Send me a selfie- but PLEASE take off your sunglasses! Here are seven tips for taking a great photo.  

Taking the best selfie is also important when you want to use part of the picture with calligraphy. You can see the lighting is great in this picture. But both of us have part of our shoulders out of the picture. That means that either one of us is going to be cut-off in the picture. Using a selfie stick can help you . The only other option is to make your selfie image much smaller within the calligraphy piece, which is what I did in this personalized Valentine's Day Gift. 

original selfie with sunglasses
Removed background from selfie

Using a Selfie for a Personalized Valentine's Day Gift

You can see how I removed the background from the selfie so I can superimpose the photo onto another background. But both Tim's and my arm have that sharp cut-off which doesn't look nice when you're only in part of another image. If two people are going to be in the photo, make sure that one of you has their entire side of their arm visible. 

It's pretty difficult to take a good photo where your body doesn't have some part cut out of the picture without using a selfie stick. I finally bought one when we took a trip to Yosemite National Park. Actually the best thing is to use a tripod and a timer so you can all get into the photograph with border around you! Remember you can always crop a photo if you want to get rid of the border, but you can't add body parts very easily! LOL

Combining Your Selfie with a Love Quote

The next step is to pick either one of the short love quotes that best fit your relationship. For this year I'm offering a personalized Valentine's Day gift at a special price. 

Custom, personalized calligraphy quotes with your own choices of background are also available. Just write to me with your request and I'll get right back to you! Here are some ways to find wonderful love poems and quotes. 

Personalized calligraphy of Corinthians with selfie

Or you can use the I love you quote at the top of the page.

The personalized calligraphy quote is 6x6 and printed on metal with a built in easel. So it's ready to display right out of the box.

contemporary way to frame calligraphy by printing on metal with stand built into your calligraphy art perfect for a desk

I have a special offer for this Valentine's Day of $125 with YOUR choice of either quote with your selfie or photo and your names and date. 

All for ONLY $125 (plus shipping)

but ONLY until Feb. 4th- so you'll have it in time! 

Don't wait!

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