Flourished Calligraphy poem The Peace of Wild Things

Famous Poem by Wendell Berry ~

"The Peace of Wild Things"  by Wendell Berry  is a poem for our times. It's my most requested poem. This calligraphy is a flourished italic version superimposed on a gorgeous background photo of a blue heron looking out of the water. When you see the photo and read the poem it is instantly calming!

A Poem About Feeling Stressed

So many people are reporting stress and anxiety from watching the news and worrying about the state of our country and the world. Art and poetry can have a healing affect on your mental health! This beautiful calligraphy poem with a beautiful background addresses those feelings of despair and talks about the positive affect of being in nature. Not only that, but when you think about it, animals in the wild are not affected by politics. The exception is when their environment is destroyed by irresponsible humans!

Looking and Being in Nature is Good For Your Health

Wendell Berry  may be speaking in metaphors in The Peace of Wild Things, but actual scientific research agrees with him. Walking in a forest can lower your blood pressure by 15%, it clears your head. Being in nature helps put your life in perspective. It improves your mood, which in turn can improve your health.  Think about it: your most relaxing times are when you are in nature and being mindful!

Keep Beautiful Things Around You

Why stress about the things you cannot change? Fill your life with as much beauty as possible. Beautiful photographs of nature, with quotes beautifully written in calligraphy can fill that need when you can't get out into nature!

You may not know this, but I'm ALSO a licensed Stress Relief Counselor! My suggestion is to ignore the news - there's little you can actually do about it. Do the things you can that make you feel better. Maybe joining a group, writing to your representatives or shouting out the window. Remember that great movie when the reporter yells at the TV audience: "I mad as hell, and I'm NOT going to take it anymore!!" ??Then read this poem, and calm yourself down. Go out in the nature around you - listen to the birds, crickets; look at the beauty in the trees, the sky. Come to the "peace of the wild things that do not tax their lives" worrying about the future. They are here and now, in the present. You can be there as well. Your attitude is a choice.

The Background of Your Choice

I can superimpose "The Peace of Wild Things" on a background that speaks to you. You can see the different versions that I've done on this page. One woman thought that the beach scene fit her vision better, and I have this version available as well. Maybe you like the idea of hiking... and you can find a perfect background that fits  your idea of where you feel that peace and calm in your life.


Calligraphy quote of the poem "The Peace of Wild Things" by Wendell Berry superimposed on a beach scene

Words To Live By

OK, so that’s my meandering around the subject of politics. My calligraphy services include spiritual poems, religious scripture and other inspirational quotes to inspire, motivate and offer consolation. Having these “words to live by” nearby can get you back on track. These poems can be made in a very small size, so you can even order a copy to carry around in your wallet as a reminder. Combining words to live by written in calligraphy with a beautiful picture has a double effect.

These quotes make wonderful gifts for friends who are stressed out! Why not order your favorite quote? It’s actually like medicine for the soul….

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