Own personally written poem with wonderful background

Your Own Poem Handwritten In Calligraphy ~

Do you love to write your own poems? Would you like to create a poem with your own words? A poet is a person who has their own unique vision for a subject and can put it into words.  Happily, with help from " Dr. Google" there are many ways to create your own poem with help from online sites.

What Is A Personal Poem?

A poem's words reveal the writers observation and emotions. It's like music in that way. A good autobiographical poem should be personal and reveal something about the author. It does not have to rhyme.

Poets Use Words To Create an Image

A wonderful thing about people who use their own words to create a personal poem is that they have a visual image for what that poem brings to mind. That makes it a lot easier to find the perfect background that will elevate your poem and make it both beautiful and meaningful. If you want to the find a great visual image that compliments your poem go to this site (and I have others as well). Enter keywords that describe what you imagine and save the photos. (Make sure you save the photos with identifying information so you can find them again)

This is fake calligraphy done by a computer

This is fake calligraphy done by a computer

Your own poem written in custom calligraphy with the perfect background

This is real handwritten calligraphy

Real Handwritten Calligraphy

A customer of mine was unhappy with the results of "calligraphy" that he had purchased. 

He loves writing, but had never had his words written in calligraphy. He explained that his personal poem was inspired by a very realistic dream he had.

Not wanting to make the same mistake as the first calligrapher I asked him to send me a picture of the calligraphy. It was NOT calligraphy at all! Someone claimed that a computer font was calligraphy and sent that to him and charged him for real calligraphy! I was so angry!

At first he only wanted the plain parchment looking background. But there were so many wonderful images in the poem that I wanted to do justice to it. So I encouraged him to use artwork. I found a wonderful piece of art that went perfectly with his poem's imagery. And the final touch was adding the white dove to the piece. It brought his dream to life!

He was thrilled with the result and has since ordered a second print of the poem. I'm so glad that I was able to bring his own poem to life!

Light Color writing on dark background in calligraphy

As you can see from these calligraphy pieces below, writing calligraphy in a light color on a black or dark background makes the lettering "pop" and look really beautiful!

Husband wrote this poem and wife had it written in calligraphy with original background image
Personally written Love poem in white on black
Personal poem about a night primrose with a dark background
Tim's own poem -

A Poem written FOR you

Have you ever had someone write a poem for you? Are you lucky enough to have romantic partner who is a writer or poet? My then boyfriend, wrote me a poem and sent it to me via email. I actually printed the email with his photo. BTW, we have been together over 20 years, and I'm sure that poem had something to do with it! (and thankfully, he doesn't smoke those stinky cigars anymore!)

Writing Your Own Personal Poem For a Gift

Have you written your own poem for a gift? Instead of handing them a sheet of paper, why not have it written in calligraphy? You can also include your photo with them, or a background of your choice.

husband wrote love poem to his wife- in flourished calligraphy

Your Own Love Poem

Some people are great at writing their own love poems. These personal words can even be something that you want to keep private from others? I won't tell anyone! The words just seem to come to them naturally. Although I prefer to use graphics or  photos for backgrounds I guess the purity of black writing on parchment background doesn't take anything away from the love expressed in a love poem that you've written yourself, or received. These two are very moving.

he wrote this poem for her
Sweet self written love poem with scroll work

Not A Full Poem but A Saying

I just love how this old photo and "grandma's writing" was incorporated with her "saying". This grandson wanted this keepsake for the memory of his beloved grandmother who had just passed away.

This is a great example of "Cindy's  Words of Wisdom". They are quite funny! Do you have your own "motto" or words of wisdom that you say frequently?

Funny Words of Wisdom by farm girl in calligraphy
keepsake of grandmother's own sayings
family gift to son who wrote his own poem and won an award

Having A Loved One's Own Poem Written In Calligraphy

A family was so proud of their son for winning a poetry contest that they contacted me to write the poems in calligraphy. I'm sure it meant a lot to him to have his family honor his own award winning poetry!