Calligraphy lettering is beautiful on it’s own. But a way to make it outstanding, is to write on dark or black paper with white or colored letters. Calligraphy invitations look spectacular written white on black envelopes. I’ve been told that people save them, and put them on the refrigerator with magnets so they can look at them all the time!

Then there are poems that also look spectacular with white calligraphy on the black paper. Even the red rose painting seems to pop off the paper! What do you think?

This inspirational quote on black paper with bright colors is one of my favorite pieces. I love the quote too. Wouldn’t you like to have your favorite quote in front of your desk to keep you inspired and motivated?

I like to think of beautiful calligraphy as a “double entendre” Words To Live By. What are the words YOU want to live by? Don’t you deserve a gift for yourself?