A Special Christmas Gift ~

This father had an idea for a very special Christmas gift for his daughter. She won a special award playing soccer, and this was the text from the awards ceremony. Unfortunately, all the pictures were very small, and the text was very long. My solution was to use many of the pictures and superimpose them on a background of a soccer field. The custom calligraphy and design were then printed on metal and put into a stand out frame.

I’m so pleased to say that this father took the time to take a picture and send me a short note telling me about how the gift worked out: “Therese loved the calligraphy artwork!! She started crying and smiling at same time!! Thanks again for your beautiful work!  Happy Holidays!  Jim”

What a joy it is have a “job” where you make things that bring happiness to people! All year round, I get to make custom calligraphy to celebrate joyous occasions: weddings, anniversaries, birth of new babies, graduations, birthdays…. whatever the occasion, calligraphy can make a truly memorable unique gift for the people you care about!

Remember, my calligraphy services are more than writing out text in black writing on parchment paper- use your own personal photographs or the perfect background to make a truly unique custom gift.

I love what I do!

Merry Christmas!