A proud father wrote to me to have his son’s poem written in calligraphy. His poem had been published in a literary magazine, and he was very proud of him.

It was a LONG poem, and in a writing style that made it hard for the father to figure out how to decorate it. I always like working with my clients on custom calligraphy jobs, because that helps pull out the meaning of the poem, or quote when I write it in calligraphy.

I made some suggestions, which he liked, and found some perfect royalty free photographs from a great company. They both fit the meanings and images in the poem. He decided to have both done.

If you have a poem you want written in calligraphy, that can sometimes be the least expensive part of the process. Framing can be very expensive, especially when your artwork is not a “standard size” that you get pre made. And your choices are very limited. That’s why this relatively new option: “gallery wrap” is a wonderful alternative. It’s a contemporary look for framing. The calligraphy poem is superimposed on the background of your choice. Then it is printed on canvas. But here’s the trick- the canvas is then wrapped around stretcher bars that make it stand away from the wall.

You can have the design continue on the top/bottom and sides, so it become three dimensional. Of course, you can’t do that with the calligraphy  poem, because you wouldn’t be able to read it on the side- except as a design component.

The great thing is, gallery wrap is a very reasonable price for framing. All you have to do is put a nail, or sticky removable thing on the wall, and put it up! It looks fabulous! Very contemporary. And it you change your mind later, and want the calligraphy is a frame, that’s no problem. You can pop it into a custom made frame, or just unstable the canvas and have it mounted.

If you have a special poem or quote you want written in custom calligraphy, consider having it framed in a gallery wrap!

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