Personalized Happy Birthday Calligraphy ~

Every birthday is a cause for celebration: gifts and cards. I enjoy making Happy Birthday calligraphy cards that I can post on social media and have printed that are personalized for the recipient.

I have a beautiful flourished calligraphy Happy Birthday design already written out and then I use a background that is specific for the recipient. If they love the beach, celebrating big time; a season or a hobby – any of those backgrounds can be used to personalize the card.

Background for Happy Birthday Calligraphy Card

If you want a special Happy Birthday Card for your special person, you can find the right background (in a landscape layout) and I can write your message in calligraphy or a computer font. When you find the background photo you like, make sure to save the ID number or other identifying information so you can send it to me.

You have a choice whether you’d like to send this as a digital birthday card (for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other); or if you’d like to have a paper copy of your card delivered directly to you, or to your recipient. (If you receive it, you can personally write a birthday message inside a card). Of course you’ll save on printing and shipping prices if you get the digital copy.

A personalized Happy Birthday card written in calligraphy can also have a longer message – especially if it’s for a birthday that ends in a zero (30, 40, 50 ….. 100!!). Show your special person you value you them with your personalized calligraphy message- and don’t forget to add “Love”!

Your Calligraphy Gift – Uniquely Printed and Framed and Ready to Hang 

Your calligraphy artpiece can be printed on a variety of amazing surfaces that will not need additional traditional framing – and it comes ready to hang, right out of the box! Imagine how great your calligraphy piece will look printed on canvas, metal, wood, glass or acrylic!

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