Assortment of items with printed calligraphy
Calligraphy print on an apron

The Perfect Gift Everyone on your list ~ 

It's Holiday Season again: the time when you need to come up with great gift ideas. But when a person on your list receives a personalized gifts they know you put a lot of thought about them and what would please them. It's a unique gift when it's personalized.

Saving Money for Holiday Gifts

This holiday season can be a very stressful time for many people. It can be difficult for those who are economically challenged to come up with a good gift that doesn't break the bank by costing too much. 

Personalize Your Gift

If you find a poem that you love that everyone on your gift would also appreciate this could be a perfect and still unique gift. I know this is a bit paradoxical because you're giving the same gift to everyone. But here's the difference. If you personalize the calligraphy print with a message for your gift recipient it become a unique gift! And you can always choose a different way to have the calligraphy printed on different surfaces, and different sizes. For instance, one of the people on your list might want a quote to put on their desk, another person might appreciate a magnet, a coffee cup, an apron! Because the lettering of the text is already done that saves on the cost because it's a calligraphy print!

So each gift can be still be unique but because it's a personalized holiday gift.

Personalize Calligraphy Prints

Many of the inspirational,  religious, poem, and quotes from famous people are available as prints. But they can still be personalized adding your own photo, their name and yours and the date to the print. This is a way to personalize and still cut the cost of a totally new quote.

Find the Best Quotes for Gifts

Thankfully we have access to the internet where you can instantly find a plethora of quotes of all kinds! You must have to be a bit creative and think about the person for whom you are giving a gift, and what THEIR likes and preferences are! Make sure that you use specific keywords and search terms that will get you better results when doing an online search.

Do you have a creative or artistic person on your gift list for the holidays? ~ Or, do you have an inner artist waiting to express her/himself inside YOU? ~ Sometimes you just have to write or draw, and it makes you so relaxed, and filled with the joy you used to have as a kid when you were doing a project in school. So here’s my idea for you.

I have these wonderful organic, fairtrade reusable shopping bags – with non-toxic fabric paint pens. Give the gift to your artist, and you may be lucky enough to get one of the bags back as a gift! AND they’re on Sale for the holidays!

If you are the artist, or creative person, consider decorating and personalizing bags for your friends for an original gift idea that is REALLY from you! Enjoy yourself – or work on a project with your children, grandchildren… WHOEVER!