February 3, 2019

LGBT calligraphy

Love song lyrics

Gay Love - 

LGBTQ - It doesn't matter whether your straight, gay or anything in between. Love is what unites us all. Because Gays celebrate the same holidays as straights there's always an opportunity to do a version for the LGBTQ community. 

Gay Weddings

Thankfully laws have changed, and now Gay weddings are just as legal as straight weddings. It's a big decision to make a lifetime commitment to be with another person for a lifetime,  in every way. It doesn't have to be condoned by a religious group (although many religions now do accept Gay Marriage). 

Marriage Vows are the most requested calligraphy project for any type of wedding or anniversary gift. I love adding a photo of the couple to make the piece even more personal. 

A specially designed Gay wedding certificate can incorporate the theme of the rainbow. But just a design that you both love is also the right decision. 

LGBTQ- Gay Wedding Vows in calligraphy with photo of the happy couple

Thanking Mom

Love is love- no matter who feels it, and/or where it's directed. It's a wonderful thing when a parent accepts and supports their child's choice- even though it's may not have been what the parent had expected, or even hoped for.

I just love how this loving mother allowed her daughter to grow up to be the best person she could be. She was so happy that her daughter found her perfect partner. That's how we should all feel when our child or anyone we care about connects with a beloved life's partner. 

And I was so happy to be able to write this statement of gratitude in calligraphy from the loving daughters!

Lesbian daughters thanking mom

Gay Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special day when we can all express that love. But of course love is probably strengthened when you don't wait for one day in the year to say: "I love you"!

Song lyrics are wonderful ways to say the words "I love you" and can apply to straight or the LGBT community. I've written many songs in calligraphy because the message in the lyrics are so universal. John Legend's song, "All of Me" is one of my most frequently requested songs.


Your Favorite Song Lyrics

Many song lyrics can apply to gay or straight couples. Of course there are tons of sources on the internet to find new lyrics specifically related to being gay. Although it's nice to use "your song" that means something to both of you. 

Here's a place with top Gay Pride anthems to celebrate LGBT pride. Music can express the inexpressible words that you feel. It can bring people closer together. Here's another source for Gay and Lesbian Love Songs.

I love including a couple's photo and important details of their relationship, such as the date and where they met along with their names. Because Gay marriage is legal now (YEH!!) in many states, I can also do wedding certificates for gay and lesbian couples.

calligraphed Lesbian/Gay marriage vows with happy photo of two brides

Gay Love Art Gift Printed and Ready to Hang

Order yours now, and watch your loved one's eyes fill with tears of joy! Happy Valentine's Day- and celebrate your love every day of the year!

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