Wedding First Dance as Husband & Wife ~

I just love this photo of the gorgeous couple’s first dance as husband and wife at their marriage celebration. This one of a kind first anniversary gift will definitely become one of their favorite art pieces to remember their wedding! There is also first dance with the mothers and fathers of the bride and groom. Wouldn’t it make a great gift for them to combine their photos with the lyrics to the wedding song- or even personalizing with calligraphy the date and more?

It’s so nice to have framed pictures where you can see them instead of having to go to your phone to see the pictures that give you such happy memories! If it’s before the wedding, make sure to let the photographer know what you’re planning so they can leave space on the side of the couples for a place for the calligraphy text.

Do you have a sister, brother or close friend who deserves a really unique and special wedding gift? Beautiful calligraphy, combining their photo and a great background is a good choice! Click on the photo to contact me, and let’s get started!

(ps- I obscured the names for the privacy of the couple)