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The Perfect Gift for Your Father ~

It's not easy to pick a Father's Day gift as it is for Mother's Day. For her, there's always flowers and chocolate, perfume.. There always seem to be more things you can figure out for her. But for Father's Day it won't work that way for your dad. So you have to be more creative.

Gifts For Your Father

In fact, buying something for your father for his birthday can even be difficult. I remember when I had a party for my father turning 65 years old. We had all his friends over and a big celebration. The funniest part was when he was opening his gifts. EVERY GIFT was a shirt! My father had a great sense of humor and made a joke out of every box he opened! 

My father had a lot of interests, so it was easier to find something for him. He was also a violinist and a wood-worker. One year I found him a little kit to assemble a miniature violin. He enjoyed doing that so much. And I'm so glad that I was able to have that party for him because he passed away not too long afterwards. I miss him so much!

Father's Day golf poem with a foresome of friend golfers
Golf quote by Mark Twain written in a calligraphy style

Your Father's Hobbies

Is your father is a sports fan? Maybe he's a golfer, or tennis player? That makes it easier. You can find great quotes about their sport and combine it with a photo of your dad.

Your Father's Occupation

Your father's occupation can be a source to consider to find  many good quotes: doctor's, lawyers, entrepreneurs, carpenters, etc.. are just some. The quotes can also be funny.

Famous Quote from T Roosevelt of entrepreneurship written in calligraphy
If your father loves music, plays an instrument, or is a musician, or if he has a favorite song, that can also make a unique gift that he will appreciate.
love of music quote in calligraphy
quotes about music and lyrics

Military Father

Maybe you have a dad who is serves in the military. The poem, Invictus tells of the bravery needed to follow this path.

Invictus Poem on American Flag with soldier for Military Gift

Religious Scripture

Perhaps your father is a religious person who has a psalm or religious scripture he loves.

Rick Warren's quote: Praise God in calligraphy

Creative Unique Gifts for Dad

The point is, your father is an original and a unique father. Get him a unique gift that shows your knowledge, and appreciation of him, Think of what words will move him. Consider is occupation, his hobbies, his interests, his loves. There are words about each of these aspects that will make a wonderful, memorable gift for your father this Father's Day (and even on his birthday!). Don't get him another shirt! Get him something that he will really appreciate and treasure because it shows how you know him!  Write to me to get started on your father's favorite gift ever! 

Celtic calligraphy Father's Day quote with family  photo
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