desiderata written in calligraphy and superiposed on a photo from NASA

Desiderata means “things to be desired” ~

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence” begins Max Ehrmann’s  1927 epic poem, Desiderata. It is both a spiritual and inspirational famous poem.

Desiderata has been a popular request of my calligraphy services, and each person wanted a different background. This poem gives a good instructions about how to live a happy and successful life. It would make a wonderful graduation gift, a housewarming gift for a person starting off on their own. Available as a print (11 x 14) or with a background of your choice or Desiderata can also be personalized for a unique gift by contacting me with your personalization and ideas for a background.

This design background of Desiderata was made for a young man graduating from medical school in New York. His mother wanted to have a background of New York City- the place where he would begin his practice as a physician. With beautiful calligraphy’s custom services, you don’t have to settle with any background. You can pick what appeals to you, and have your unique gift personalized.

This next example of Desiderata written in calligraphy was for a woman who wanted only a parchment paper background with calligraphy flourishes as a border design. She loved this poem so much that she purchased multiple copies for Christmas gifts for her friends. Additional prints are are a reduced price, so if you really like a particular poem that you want written out in calligraphy, consider buying an additional copy for yourself!

All prints can be printed and framed on a variety of substrates including metal, wood, paper, canvas, acrylic and even glass! They come to you ready to hang, right out of the box!

Desiderata, Go placidly, by Max Ehrmann, written in calligraphy on parchment paper background.

Just click here or any of the images to get started with your copy of Desiderata. Close your eyes and think about the poem – what do you see in your “mind’s eye”? That can be made into the perfect background for your print of this famous poem, Desiderata.

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