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Calligraphy Quote

 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes ~ A calligraphy motivational quote is a gift that never stops reminding a person of a life goal. It inspires and motivates you to be your best self! When it’s beautiful calligraphy with an image that excites you and reflects the meaning, it means even more every time you see it

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New Baby Gift

The Perfect Gift for a New BabyWhen a new baby comes into the world it’s such an exciting time! Having a new baby, whether it’s your first of fifth (or more) is time for a celebration. You want to get the perfect gift for a new baby. Going to the stores gives you the fun of

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Affirmations Help You Through Hard Times

Affirmations Written In Calligraphy ~ It can help to have your most powerful affirmations written in calligraphy and where you will see them every day. One of my customers put this affirmation in her bathroom (on a metal surface that’s safe in that damp environment) so she would see it every morning to start the

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7 Essential Photography Tips

Taking a Great Photograph ~ 7 Essential Tips can help you take pictures that are in focus and look great, and it’s not hard to do. I have been taking photographs my entire life, and used to even develop my own black and white film. But with digital photography taking a great photo is so

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Business Calligraphy Certificates

Business Certificates, Resolutions, And Mission Statements ~Every business should proudly display their Mission Statement in their lobby. It tells you customers, not only about your business, but the ethics and what your business stands for. It should be an impressive, large piece that tells your customers they have chosen wisely to use your business!   Your

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Beautiful Background Choices

So Many Beautiful Background Choices ~ Your text of calligraphy looks even better with a beautiful background image. Finding the right choice of a beautiful background can make a text even more special to you. Just think about it: practically every written word you’ll see in advertisement or any media has a background. Professional know

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Prices for Custom Calligraphy Services

How Much Does Calligraphy Cost? The price for custom calligraphy varies by each piece. It’s like asking me: “how much does a dress cost?” As you know, it can be anything from $2 to $2 million dollars depending on a lot of different factors! I promise, my calligraphy is NOT going to cost you two million

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Gay Love

Gay Love ~ LGBTQ – It doesn’t matter whether your straight, gay or anything in between. Love is what unites us all. Because Gays celebrate the same holidays as straights there’s always an opportunity to do a version for the LGBTQ community. Gay WeddingsThankfully laws have changed, and now Gay weddings are just as legal as straight

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Calligraphy Book

Your Own Book in Calligraphy ~This Christmas I had a request to write an entire book in calligraphy! This was to be a very special gift to the love of her life. In fact, they co-wrote the book together. Never having written out an entire book, I had to learn a lot!Price for A Book

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 Invictus – I am the Captain of My Soul ~ The famous poem, “Invictus”, by Willian Ernest Henley is one of the poems my parents read to me as a child. It is a well-known and moving poem. But I was never good at being able to memorize and recite poetry, and that’s why I like

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