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Inspirational Poems for Stress Relief

Inspirational and Uplifting Quotes in Calligraphy ~ If you’re stressed, stuck, not feeling upbeat, or trying to move along a new path, inspirational quotes and poems can help you get motivated and happier. Even though this is a blog about calligraphy,  I want you to also realize that the power of words (along with imagery)

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Flourished Calligraphy

Flowing Calligraphy Style ~ Italic style, the style of calligraphy I prefer to work with, can be highly flourished or tailored. When you think about having a poem or text written in calligraphy many people think of flourished calligraphy, with swirls and curlicues written on cream color or parchment paper. But when you have a long

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Directions for Choosing Adobe Background

Finding Adobe Stock Photos and Illustrations ~ Use these directions on how to use filters when you’re looking for photos or illustrations for the background for your calligraphy poem or text on Adobe Stock. Otherwise you can spend weeks looking through images and still not finding the right type. Yes, it’s fun looking through all

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Custom Design

Designing Custom Calligraphy ~ A custom design of an image to go with a poem takes a lot of thought and planning. It’s almost like a puzzle. I have to figure out how to bring out the meaning and combine the text design with a background that reflects that meaning visually. Custom design definitely takes

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Traditional Framed Calligraphy

Traditional Framing ~ Framing calligraphy can be quite expensive. In fact, traditional framed calligraphy art can end up costing more than the actual artwork than you are ordering! Example of Framed CalligraphyThis is a particularly well done traditional framed calligraphy piece. Notice how there’s a double mat. The inside very tiny mat picks up the burgundy

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Acrostic Poem

Writing An Acrostic Name Poem ~ An Acrostic poem is a great technique to write a short, and meaningful poem about a person using their name. For those of us not as skilled as poets this technique uses the first letter of the person’s name to write a short, and concise description of that person!

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Calligraphy Takes Time

How Much Time to Write Your Text In Calligraphy ~ Some people think that it takes the same amount of time to write calligraphy like you would write a sentence in a notebook. That may lead someone to think that they’re paying a lot of money for something that takes me no time at all. “I

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Custom Hand Calligraphy Combined With Computer Calligraphy

Saving Money Ordering Calligraphy ~ There is a way of saving money on the cost of calligraphy you order online. Calligraphy is a time intensive artwork and can cost a lot of money depending on how long your text is and by adding your personal photograph that needs “work” with photoshop. But if you have

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Rush Job Calligraphy Services

In A Rush For A Special Gift? ~ Are you in a rush to get a special gift? Have you been procrastinating and you haven’t decided what to get her yet? Did you totally space out that your anniversary is coming up fast? Are you late with finding the perfect gift for a birthday gift?

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Golf Gift for Golfer

Gift for a Golfer ~ What’s a good gift for a golfer? I guess you could get them fresh balls or T’s. But something that they will really appreciate is something that really reminds them of golf, maybe while they’re sitting behind their desk! You know how golfers always want to be on the golf

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