I’m delighted that you would like a custom calligraphy piece and you found me! For someone who is not an artist, it can be difficult to imagine how your final calligraphy poem, quote or any kind of text will look. So many people are afraid to do anything other than black writing on “parchment” paper. That’s why when you want calligraphy services from an artist, it’s a good idea to be open to their suggestions. Even if this is a quote for yourself, or a gift for someone you care about, think about this:

I always encourage my customers to S T R E T C H and consider something different. Here are some examples about how different a (long) poem can look. Which one would YOU choose?

This is almost as plain as it gets: black writing on a parchment paper background. Sure, it looks nice, but it can be so much more!

I think it makes a powerful visual image that is so much more memorable to use the entire photo.

religious text written in calligraphy with photo of woman seeing a cross in the sky

Stretch Beyond Parchment

Parchment paper is safe, but if you are willing to go outside your comfort zone – beyond the stand black writing on parchment or cream colored paper, I think you will enjoy your custom calligraphy design even more. The photo above is a stock photograph, and you have thousands to choose from. But don’t worry, I won’t make you look through all of them. It’s easy to figure out a perfect background. Close your eyes when you think of that quote. We all think in pictures in our “mind’s eye”. What are you picturing. Then go to the site I mention: https://stockfresh.com/ and put in those keywords. Don’t forget to save the photo. Also read my post about how to choose the perfect background

Your Custom Calligraphy Design

Look for pictures that have a place for your calligraphy. Otherwise I’ll have to use my Photoshop Magic to fix what you like, and that takes extra time, and expense. Also important to consider is the “shape” of the text. Is it long and narrow? Then you’ll want a design that goes on the side of the text to widen the picture. Similarly, if the poem is short, you’ll want to find a picture that will compliment that text.

Remember, this is a custom design JUST FOR YOU! Let’s make it really Beautiful Calligraphy with a gorgeous background.

What do you think?

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