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Custom Design

Husband wrote this poem and wife had it written in calligraphy with original background image

Designing Custom Calligraphy

A custom design of an image to go with a poem takes a lot of thought and planning. It’s almost like a puzzle. I have to figure out how to bring out the meaning and combine the text design with a background that reflects that meaning visually. Custom design definitely takes time and experience.

This wife had a vision for a poem her husband wrote. We talked about it for a while trying to come up with a plan. Unfortunately there was no stock photography or even hand drawn images that fit what she envisioned.  Luckily, I was able to come up with a design that combined a few different photographs and combine them with Photoshop Magic. Yes, designing custom calligraphy backgrounds can take a lot of time, and therefore they tend to be expensive.

Sometimes I’m only adding a moon and stars to a dark sky, or doing slight changes that don’t take too much time. I really enjoy creating custom background designs for calligraphy. 

BIble verse in calligraphy for anniversary gift on gorgeous background from Barbados


Using Your Imagination for Calligraphy Design

Custom calligraphy designs take time, and even using your imagination to come up with the perfect design. My client said he wanted an “elegant” border design drawn around the love poem he wanted written out in beautiful calligraphy. Then he used the term “gothic”. But because “elegant” and even “gothic” can mean different things to everyone, I asked him to give me an example, either in my calligraphy gallery, or by visiting sites for photographs and designs. Then I was able to do a good search with keywords, for the type of flowers, colors, designs he preferred, and either a photo or a vector design (drawn by hand or computer) will appear to give you lots of choices.

watercolor border design with love letter anniversary gift in calligraphy

Personally, I wouldn’t have described this as “elegant” or gothic – but he was happy. And most important his WIFE was thrilled! I’m so happy when people write back to me to let me know that the custom design I came up with for them made their recipient happy. That’s one of the best parts of doing calligraphy. 

Once we have an agreement on an elegant border design, then I can start laying out the calligraphy design. I can also customize the border design, whether it is a vector or a hand drawn design. I can draw the type of flowers (or objects) you prefer and adjust the colors, size, etc.

Another wonderful option is using your own photography. However, make sure that you are taking pictures with the highest resolution in order to get a sharp print. Although the picture looks great on your computer or phone screen, it won’t look good when it’s printed unless the resolution is set to HIGH, and you have good lighting and a steady hand!

Not Creative?

Many people say they are not creative; but you still know what you like, and what you don’t like! I like to work with my clients to collaborate on the perfect gift. Remember also: when you are getting a gift for someone, it’s THEIR taste that’s important. You can think about how they dress, what colors they wear, the flowers or even season they prefer to help you come up with a design that reflects their taste.

Don’t give up because it’s not going fast enough! I’ll help you through the process, and then you’ll have a wonderful art piece of beautiful calligraphy, or any other type of personalized unique gift  that will always please you every time you see it!

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Valentines day gift of saying I Love You in calligraphyems are nthis includes a selfie of the couple
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Say I Love You

The Importance of Saying "I Love You"

How many times have you walked away from a situation saying to yourself: 

"I SHOULD have said________"

Well, that is the one thing you DON'T want to have in your mind and heart after someone you love has passed away. You can live the rest of your life with regret. Think of all of the people in your life who you love. It's not just a spouse, but oftentimes a dear friend. It's been said that there are many different kinds of love

This is a wonderful poem by George Eliot (a woman writer who had to use a man's pseudonym to get published) about the love of a friend.

famous Poem by George Eliot about love of a friendabout friendship by George Eliot written in calligraphy

Writing I Love You Is Easier than Speaking

If you are a person who has trouble uttering the words, "I Love You", then write them. Write about your feelings, and how it may be hard for you to say them out loud. It can be a very freeing experience for you. And those words, on paper last a long time. Calligraphy is a beautiful way to immortalize those feelings by giving them to the person you love. 

Marriage Proposals Written in Calligraphy

I have written words of love for many people over the years I've done calligraphy. I've even written marriage proposals. Would you be surprised if I told you that EVERY ONE of them got a resounding "YES" answer? 

Birthday calligraphy with surprise marriage proposal with photo of the to be bride
Suprise Written marriage proposal in calligraphy with selfie

A Teacher Changes Lives by Encouraging Words of Kindness

Inspired by this story below, I had an idea that I have that could be a terrific calligraphy gift would be to have your words written in calligraphy, and then scanned, and reduced to the size of a credit card. That can be laminated, and carried in a wallet. Your loved one can carry YOUR heartfelt feelings with them always!

This is one of the most beautiful and moving stories. I will be surprised if you don't tear up after reading this short story about how fellow students words had a lasting impact.

One day, a teacher asked her students to list the names of the other students in the room on two sheets of paper, leaving a space between each name.

Then she told them to think of the nicest thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down.  It took the remainder of the class period to finish their assignment, and as the students left the room, each one handed in the papers.

That Saturday, the teacher wrote down the name of each student on a separate sheet of paper, and listed what everyone else had said about that individual.

On Monday she gave each student his or her list.

Before long, the entire class was smiling. "Really?" she heard whispered. "I never knew that I meant anything to anyone!" and, "I didn't know others liked me so much," were most of the comments.

No one ever mentioned those papers in class again. The teacher never found out if they discussed them after class or with their parents, but it didn't matter. The exercise had accomplished its purpose. The students were happy with themselves and one another. That group of students moved on.

Several years later, one of the students was killed in Vietnam and his teacher attended the funeral of that special student.  She had never seen a serviceman in a military coffin before. He looked so handsome, so mature. The church was packed with his friends. One by one those who loved him took a last walk by the coffin. The teacher was the last one to bless the coffin.

As she stood there, one of the soldiers who acted as pallbearer came up to her. "Were you Mark's math teacher?" he asked. She nodded: "Yes." Then he said: "Mark talked about you a lot."

After the funeral, most of Mark's former classmates went together to a luncheon. Mark's mother and father were also there, wanting to speak with his teacher.

"We want to show you something," his father said, taking a wallet out of his pocket. "They found this on Mark when he was killed. We thought you might recognize it."

Opening the billfold, he carefully removed two worn pieces of notebook paper that had obviously been taped, folded and refolded many times. The teacher knew without looking that the papers were the ones on which she had listed all the good things each of Mark's classmates had said about him.

"Thank you so much for doing that," Mark's mother said. "As you can see, Mark treasured it."

All of Mark's former classmates started to gather around. Charlie smiled rather sheepishly and said, "I still have my list. It's in the top drawer of my desk at home."  Chuck's wife said, "Chuck asked me to put his in our wedding album." "I have mine too," Marilyn said. "It's in my diary"

Then Vicki, another classmate, reached into her pocketbook, took out her wallet and showed her worn and frazzled list to the group. "I carry this with me at all times," Vicki said.  Without batting an eyelash, she continued, "I think we all saved our lists."

Tears rolled down the eyes of the humble teacher.  We encounter so many people in our lives, and it's a precious joy to see the good in all those journeys.

Also, CafePress and other stores can take your sentiment, my calligraphy, and print it on a coffee cup, a mouse pad, reusable shopping bags, and tons of other items. Get creative! Don't keep those words silent in your head. Share them, and feel good! 

Expressing love and gratitude is YOUR path to attracting it back to you. Increase the love by sending it out with your words.... and having them personalized with your photos and written in calligraphy makes them even more special. Contact me to get started!

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Acrostic Love Poem for Rachel in calligraphy with beautiful leading letters
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Acrostic Poem

Acrostic Love Poem for Rachel in calligraphy with beautiful leading letters

Writing An Acrostic Name Poem

An Acrostic poem is a great technique to write a short, and meaningful poem about a person using their name. For those of us not as skilled as poets this technique uses the first letter of the person's name to write a short, and concise description of that person!  There are even great sites that will help you generate the verse or description using each letter! 

Using Leading Letters in a Name Poem

I love creating leading letters!  They are the first letter in your text. Oftentimes you'll see a "dropped capital" letter in the beginning of a chapter in a book. It gives the opportunity to add a design aspect and color to your calligraphy poem. My calligraphy services allow you to decide whether the  Leading letters will be designed as contemporary with an updated modern look or very traditional. 

Contemporary leading letter W with gold background
Modern-leading letter

Finding Descriptions for Name Poems

There are websites that can help you come up with positive and fun words to fill in for each letter. Your acrostic poem can be sentimental, inspirational, religious, funny, or even sexy! It's up to you to be the creative writer. That site has lists of positive words for each letter of the alphabet, and that can make it fun for you to come up with a phrase for each letter. Of course the entire line doesn't have to have each word that fits the first letter. Only the first letter and word need to match up.

Acronyms of a Name

Another technique known as an acronym is to create a phrase that jumbles or even reverses the letters in a name to come up with a description. That is not easy for me to do, and luckily, Dr. Google has plenty of places online where you can get assistance. It's going to be hard with short names. But longer names may come out to be something funny! 

Name Definition

Then there are also name definitions. Many names are Biblical or religious and have great stories associated with them. 

Help Writing Your Own Poem

The important point is, there are lots of ways to be creative with writing your own poem. Picking using one of your own photos or a selfie can really add to the final affect by personalizing it!  And no, it's not cheating if you let Dr. Google assist you with word or name definitions! It's a fun and easy was to write your own poem for someone who will really enjoy it! 

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Valentines day gift of love poems are nthis includes a selfie of the couple
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Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine's Day Gift of Love

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! Hey Guys: She's probably on a diet so forget chocolate, and flowers die fast. A personalized Valentines' Day gift of your words of love written in calligraphy with a selfie is something that will be sure to move her to tears of joy. And Ladies, what man doesn't want to know that he's loved? Calligraphy is the perfect  unforgettable gift! (customers have written back and told me just that). It's the perfect gift for your valentine whether it be him or her! 

The most Romantic Gift

Love poem for valentine's day gift superimposed on a heart puzzle

Valentines Day is the perfect time to express your feelings with a romantic love poem for a gift. If you can write your own love poem, that is really wonderful. But if you're not a writer, you can choose a famous love poem from ee cummings, Rumi or Gibran for example. There are also so many choices for romantic love poems that you can find online.

I recently wrote a calligraphy poem by a modern poet with a beautiful heart puzzle background that will be printed on a piece of wood. The poem talks about how she is a piece of his heart. I was lucky to find the perfect image of a heart made of puzzle pieces that fit the poem perfectly.

If you don't have a good photo of you with your valentine, we can always find a beautiful background image to go with your words.

Famous Love Poems For Valentines Day

So many people love the romantic famous love poem from ee cummings, "i carry your heart". It's available as a print that can also be personalized. It's one of the most popular requests. All prints can also be personalized with your names, and I can even insert a small selfie photo of you at the bottom of the piece. 

i carry your heart, ee cummings famous love poem

Another famous text is Corinthians, from the Bible. It is frequently used in weddings as a reading.

Corinthians in gothicized italic calligraphy love poem
corinthians 13-1 from the Bible, a love poem for a Valentine's Day gift or any occasion
Corinthians Bible reading in calligraphy superimposed on red roses

Valentine's Day Love Song Lyrics

Love songs are the perfect way to express your love on Valentine's Day.  Is there a song that is "Your song"? It's the song that makes you think of your wonderful relationship.  Maybe it was the song you chose for your first dance as husband and wife at your wedding? Maybe the song lyrics have a special message that has meaning to both of you about your relationship. Was the song playing when you met? Does that love song come on the radio and make you think about your special love. Well, THAT is the perfect Valentine's Day gift! 

John Legend song lyrics are some of my most requested love songs. "All of Me" by John Legend is most requested love song lyrics. And I've written the lyrics many different ways.  But there are many other love song lyrics that can be perfect- saying the words you may have trouble expressing yourself.

Valentine's Day gift: Beatles Love Song Lyrics, In My Life
Valentine's Day gift: Love Song Lyrics- For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder written in calligraphy with couple's photo
Valentine's Day song lyrics in calligraphy of first dance. First year anniversary unique gift

Gay Valentine's Day Gifts

Love is Love- and it doesn't matter if it's same sex or straight. Beautiful Calligraphy is the place for everyone to be able to freely express their love to whoever! I'm proud to offer my services in the name of love!

gay Valentines Day gift of love song
Lesbian-Love for Valentines Day Gift

Gift of Love for Parent, Child or Friend

Love poem for father
grandparents send their love

Valentine's Day Gift of Marriage Vows

Another wonderful choice for a romantic Valentine's Day gift can be your marriage vows. Even though it's not your anniversary, this is a perfect opportunity to show your love with your marriage vows from that special day. Check out this page to see lots of examples to inspire you- 

Using Your Selfie Photo

Instead of keeping your selfies in your phone, I'm sure you have some really fun photographs you've taken. Here's your opportunity to use one or many as a unique Valentine's Day gift.  You can combine your photo with "your special song"!  It's really nice to have those photos around to see- they can be framed, or even printed on a great surface that can be on a small stand on his or her desk- to remind the person you love about all the great times you've had together! That's a really thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift! 

Just click to contact me and let's get started~

First anniversary love letter with selfie of the couple superimposed on photo background from Hawaii
metal stand built into your metal print of calligraphy
Love song with couple's selfie

Sure, chocolate and flowers are nice gifts, but if you want a really ROMANTIC and unique Valentine's Day gift, say it with words! There are lots of unique gift options at Beautiful Calligraphy.

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Own personally written poem with wonderful background
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Your Own Poem in Calligraphy

Own personally written poem with wonderful background

Your Own Poem Handwritten In Calligraphy

Do you love to write your own poems? A poet is a person who has their own unique vision for a subject and can put it into words. A wonderful thing about people who write their own poem is that they have a visual image for what that poem brings to mind. That makes it a lot easier to find the perfect background that will elevate your poem and make it both beautiful and meaningful. If you want to the find a great visual image that compliments your poem go to this site (and I have others as well). Enter keywords that describe what you imagine and save the photos. (Make sure you save the photos with identifying information so you can find them again)

This is fake calligraphy done by a computer

This is fake calligraphy done by a computer

Your own poem written in custom calligraphy with the perfect background

This is real handwritten calligraphy

Real Handwritten Calligraphy

A customer of mine was unhappy with the results of "calligraphy" that he had purchased. 

He loves writing, but had never had his words written in calligraphy. He explained that his poem was inspired by a very realistic dream he had.

Not wanting to make the same mistake as the first calligrapher I asked him to send me a picture of the calligraphy. It was NOT calligraphy at all! Someone claimed that a computer font was calligraphy and sent that to him and charged him for real calligraphy! I was so angry!

At first he only wanted the plain parchment looking background. But there were so many wonderful images in the poem that I wanted to do justice to it. So I encouraged him to use artwork. I found a wonderful piece of art that went perfectly with his poem's imagery. And the final touch was adding the white dove to the piece. It brought his dream to life!

He was thrilled with the result and has since ordered a second print of the poem. I'm so glad that I was able to bring his own poem to life!

Light Color writing on dark background in calligraphy

As you can see from these calligraphy pieces below, writing calligraphy in a light color on a black or dark background makes the lettering "pop" and look really beautiful!

Husband wrote this poem and wife had it written in calligraphy with original background image
Personally written Love poem in white on black
Personal poem about a night primrose with a dark background
Tim's own poem -

A Poem written FOR you

Have you ever had someone write a poem for you? Are you lucky enough to have romantic partner who is a writer or poet? My then boyfriend wrote me a poem and sent it to me via email. I actually printed the email with his photo. BTW, we have been together over 20 years, and I'm sure that poem had something to do with it! (and thankfully, he doesn't smoke those stinky cigars anymore!)

Writing Your Own Poem For a Gift

Have you written your own poem for a gift? Instead of handing them a sheet of paper, why not have it written in calligraphy? You can also include your photo with them, or a background of your choice.

husband wrote love poem to his wife- in flourished calligraphy

Your Own Love Poem

Some people are great at writing their own love poems. The words just seem to come to them naturally. Although I prefer to use graphics or  photos for backgrounds I guess the purity of black writing on parchment background doesn't take anything away from the love expressed in a love poem that you've written yourself, or received. These two are very moving.

he wrote this poem for her
Sweet self written love poem with scroll work

Not A Full Poem but A Saying

I just love how this old photo and "grandma's writing" was incorporated with her "saying". This grandson wanted this keepsake for the memory of his beloved grandmother who had just passed away.

This is a great example of "Cindy's  Words of Wisdom". They are quite funny! Do you have your own "motto" or words of wisdom that you say frequently?

Funny Words of Wisdom by farm girl in calligraphy
keepsake of grandmother's own sayings
family gift to son who wrote his own poem and won an award

Having A Loved One's Own Poem Written In Calligraphy

A family was so proud of their son for winning a poetry contest that they contacted me to write the poems in calligraphy. I'm sure it meant a lot to him to have his family honor his own award winning poetry!

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Valentines day gift of love poems are nthis includes a selfie of the couple
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Beautiful Love Poems

love poems are not just for valentine's day- this includes a selfie of the couple
I love to collaborate with my customers! If you have an idea for a calligraphy art piece just contact me– I’ll get back in touch with you within 24 hours. If you’re a last minute shopper very often I can deliver your calligraphy project very quickly!

Love Poem Gifts

Love poems are the most romantic gifts, – especially when you write your own poem! It’s such an unexpected and romantic gift that will never be forgotten! I’ve been told many times that recipients burst into tears upon reading the love poem.

Love Expressed Through Song Lyrics

You may not be a fan of poetry. If you share "a song" that you and your sweetheart both love, those song lyrics can work to express your feelings as well! I often use sheet music as a background image to make it look like the music you love. 

Love Poem on Parchment Background

I was so happy that my flourished italic calligraphy piece below looks as beautiful to go with this amazing love poem gift a husband wrote for his wife. Ahhh…. I think they are soul mates!

Personalized Love Poem

If you have the feeling, but not the ability to write, luckily there are many  online sites where you can find the perfect words to express your feelings. When you do a search it can be overwhelming so make sure you use search words such as:

  • love poem for husband 
  • love poem for wife
  • love poem for him
  • love poem for her
  • love poem for boyfriend/girlfriend
  • custom personalized love poem (and include for whom)

Your Own Poems

It’s a good thing there are talented writers who can work with you to create a custom love poem! They’ll ask about what you want to say, ask for details about your relationship and then get to work to create the perfect poem for your loved one. Maybe you’d like your love poem to be sentimental or funny. You have many choices when you order custom love poems.

I love this marriage proposal written by a talented guy who made the love poem into a limerick! He got a resounding “YES” he wrote and told me later on.

Indian Couple's anniversary poem in b/w with red butterflies

This love poem written by the bride on the occasion of their first wedding anniversary is one of my favorite art pieces. The photograph was taken by a professional photographer who made it black and white, except for the flowers. I added red butterflies to pull the piece together with the calligraphy and the photograph. Her poem was really amazing to read- such a talented woman – and an obvious happy husband!

Personalized Poems With Photography

Once you have your poem chosen Beautiful Calligraphy can make it even more unique and memorable by combining your own photo with the poem. Your photo can be a selfie, or a professional photograph. If you’re planning on a love poem gift, you can ask your loved one to take some new photos with you – but don’t tell them what it’s for! Make sure he or she likes the photo you’re going to use. Read here to find tips about taking a great photograph for your calligraphy art piece.

Corinthians Bible Text About Love

Some people are wonderful writers and able to express their deepest feelings with words. Others have to depend on other writers or even Biblical scripture, such as Corinthians or other religious psalms and writings. This is one of the most popular readings in wedding ceremonies.

corinthians 13-1 from the Bible, a love poem for a Valentine's Day gift or any occasion

Poems are also popular readings in marriage vows. If Corinthians was read as part of your wedding, it makes a wonderful first year anniversary gift, which is traditionally paper.

Wikipedia explains that “the First Epistle to the Corinthians, usually referred to simply as First Corinthians and often written 1 Corinthians, is one of the Pauline epistles of the New Testament of the Christian Bible.” Corinithians is probably the most requested poem about love. In the Biblical scripture it describes the importance of love above all other attributes. There are a few paragraphs to Corinthians 13, and this section above is the most requested.

Corinthians in gothicized italic calligraphy love poem

Ancient Love Poem

Sometimes a modern love poem just doesn’t fit the bill. I found this ancient love poem from the written by Kuan Tao Sheng during the Sung Dynasty. It started in the year 960 and ending in 1279! But it is as meaningful now as it was back then. I think this Chinese love poem really embodies the truth of what love should and can be between soul mates. And it’s such a wonderful love poem for someone who makes pottery (read it below). The metaphor is just so perfect. And this background Zen symbol just seemed perfect for this poem. It is translated from Chinese, but still fits not matter what your heritage. It was the first poem I ever wrote without using lines. I can hardly believe how perfect my spacing and straight lines came out. I just pulled out my pen, and piece of paper and wrote! It’s still my favorite piece of calligraphy I’ve ever done! What do you think?

You and I
Love each other so
As from the same lump of clay
Was moulded an image of you
And one of me
In a moment of ecstasy
We dash the images to piece
Put them in water
And with stirring and kneading
Mould again an image of you
And another of me
There and then,
You will find yourself in me,
And I myself in you.

Your Favorite Poem

There are some popular love poems that seem to capture the very essence of what love feels like. ee cummings (he doesn’t capitalize his letters). i carry your heart is my most requested poem. It’s available in my store, and it can be personalized with your names.

i carry your heart, ee cummings famous love poem

Do you have a favorite love poem? What do you visualize when you read it? We can work together to find the perfect background for your poem. Living with a beautiful inspirational text about love can lead you on the right path every time you read it! You can order your favorite love poem written in beautiful calligraphy for someone you love as a birthday, anniversary, for Valentine’s Day. It also makes a very special holiday gift!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect poem, the calligraphy text is hand written and then superimposed on your photo. To make the process complete your love poem can then be printed on paper, wood, metal, canvas or a bunch of other surfaces (on a coffee cup, and apron, T-shirt). The calligraphy love poem can be made to stand on a tabletop or hang on a wall. It’s ready and complete right out of the box, so you won’t have to spend time looking for a frame.

A love poem is ALWAYS the perfect gift – wouldn’t YOU love to receive one yourself? You can always hint!

Poem for your Soul Mate

Very few people are lucky enough to be in a relationship with their true soul mate. It's a really special feeling when you just KNOW that this person was meant for you to meet and fall in love with immediately! 

I loved writing out this poem for his soul mate. Even though they came from different countries, it was apparent to both of them when they met that they were true soul mates. 

Calligraphy for a soul mate who was leaving on a jet plane! written in calligraphy

If you read the text of the letter it's a perfect description of soul mates. It's true love. When you first meet someone who is your beloved, it's so addictive and passionate. You have to work hard in a relationship to make that feeling last- especially for a lifetime. 
When you write your feelings down and present them in a piece of calligraphy like this, it's something that you can read over and over again- the words are never forgotten.  So if you are lucky enough to have someone you truly love and want to keep that feeling alive, write it down, and let me make it a beautiful keepsake for them!

Finding Your Old Sweetheart

Finding your old boyfriend or old girlfriend from High School or back in your life is now becoming very common! With social media it's more easy to find your first love who you lost track of in your present day life. 

It's amazing how many of these relationships end up being "true love". I think it's because humans in the past didn't live such long lives and they were meant to have that lifetime bond early in life. Who knows?

I was really excited to hear this story from one woman who reconnected with an old boyfriend from high school. She had me write their "song" from back then and add old photos from the time when they were boyfriend and girlfiend. I wonder if they worked out together in the present day?

first love, sweetheart, high school boyfriend, girlfriend calligraphy song with photos

Whoever you love, calligraphy love letters, your first song or a quote or poem makes a keepsake that will always be treasured. Order yours now- make any day a special occasion to give a gift of love! 

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Calligraphy quote about a happy life
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Calligraphy Quote

Famous Quote from T Roosevelt of entrepreneurship written in calligraphy

 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

A calligraphy motivational quote is a gift that never stops reminding a person of a life goal. It inspires and motivates you to be your best self! When it's beautiful calligraphy with an image that excites you and reflects the meaning, it means even more every time you see it you have a visual reminder to stay the course. 

Motivational quote by Mark Twain written in calligraphy with a sailboat going out to sea

Quotes to Write In Calligraphy

I used to collect quotes to write in calligraphy. But so many clients bring me their own. I really enjoy reading their motivational and inspirational quotes because it gives me insight into other's challenges. It can feel really hard to reaching a particular goal when you feel alone. So having these type of inspirational quotes that were written by famous people throughout the centuries makes you realize that you're not the only one who has had a hard time!

Here are a feel of the motivational quotes that I've saved:

It's hard to beat a person who never gives up. ~ Babe Ruth

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." Sir Edmund Hillary

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll still land among the stars.

"Work is love made visible." - Kahlil Gibran

"You can tell how big a person is by what it takes to discourage him." ~Anon

To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily.  To NOT dare is to lose oneself. " - Soren Kierkegaard

Motivational quote about patience written in calligraphy
Motivational quote about your destiny written in calligraphy with picture of the author

Your Favorite Inspirational Quote or Poem

Do you have a motivational or inspirational quote, or even an affirmation that you repeat to yourself? There are also poems that have a very inspirational message. Are you working in an area that is a constant challenge and you need words of wisdom to keep going when the times are tough? What do you tell yourself to motivate and inspire you?

I find it so amazing that there are quotes from so long ago that we still repeat and memorize as motivational. It shows that even before technology and the modern world that people had the same problems then as we have now!

calligraphy quote that is inspirational

Words To Live By

The expression "words to live by" actually has two meanings, literal and figurative. When a motivational quote has meaning for you that's the figurative expression. But when it means actually living near by those words that are inspirational it means you should have them written where you see them! And what better way is there than having them written in beautiful calligraphy with a photo that goes with the quote?! 

Short Quote

Serenity Prayer quote in calligraphy with beach background

It can actually take longer to write out a short calligraphy quote that a long poem! I know this sounds illogical, but let me explain.

When you have fewer words, it's important to bring out the important meaning of the text and that can be done with design. Sometimes I will change the size, color or boldness of those words that are most important. That's what I did with my version of The Serenity Prayer. I have different versions of this beautiful quote that are available as prints

Motivate Yourself

If there's no cheering squad to motivate or inspire you, having that calligraphy quote nearby can serve the purpose. These are generally quotes from important people who are cheering you on! YOU deserve to gift yourself with something that will help you achieve your goals! And these motivational and inspirational quotes are great gifts for new graduates.

I made this Steve Jobs quote for my nephew when he graduated. He was definitely a person who stood out from the crowd. And the one apple that was different really was the perfect image to combine with this motivational quote!

Steve Jobs quote from graduation speech written in calligraphy with red apple standing out from the rest

Inspirational Quotes can Motivate

There's a difference between inspiration and motivation. Inspiration is something that you feel on the inside, while motivation is something from outside of yourself that helps you to take an action. It's said that inspiration is a driving force and the motivation is more of a pulling force.

I say that when your head and your heart are in agreement it's much easier to get yourself working towards your goal. Here's a site that has some great inspirational quotes to peruse. And ordering a calligraphy motivational quote can keep you on that road. So why not order your favorite quote for yourself or someone you care about! 

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Gay Love

Love song lyrics

Gay Love - 

LGBTQ - It doesn't matter whether your straight, gay or anything in between. Love is what unites us all. Because Gays celebrate the same holidays as straights there's always an opportunity to do a version for the LGBTQ community. 

Gay Weddings

Thankfully laws have changed, and now Gay weddings are just as legal as straight weddings. It's a big decision to make a lifetime commitment to be with another person for a lifetime,  in every way. It doesn't have to be condoned by a religious group (although many religions now do accept Gay Marriage). 

Marriage Vows are the most requested calligraphy project for any type of wedding or anniversary gift. I love adding a photo of the couple to make the piece even more personal. 

A specially designed Gay wedding certificate can incorporate the theme of the rainbow. But just a design that you both love is also the right decision. 

LGBTQ- Gay Wedding Vows in calligraphy with photo of the happy couple

Thanking Mom

Love is love- no matter who feels it, and/or where it's directed. It's a wonderful thing when a parent accepts and supports their child's choice- even though it's may not have been what the parent had expected, or even hoped for.

I just love how this loving mother allowed her daughter to grow up to be the best person she could be. She was so happy that her daughter found her perfect partner. That's how we should all feel when our child or anyone we care about connects with a beloved life's partner. 

And I was so happy to be able to write this statement of gratitude in calligraphy from the loving daughters!

Lesbian daughters thanking mom

Gay Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special day when we can all express that love. But of course love is probably strengthened when you don't wait for one day in the year to say: "I love you"!

Song lyrics are wonderful ways to say the words "I love you" and can apply to straight or the LGBT community. I've written many songs in calligraphy because the message in the lyrics are so universal. John Legend's song, "All of Me" is one of my most frequently requested songs.


Your Favorite Song Lyrics

Many song lyrics can apply to gay or straight couples. Of course there are tons of sources on the internet to find new lyrics specifically related to being gay. Although it's nice to use "your song" that means something to both of you. 

Here's a place with top Gay Pride anthems to celebrate LGBT pride. Music can express the inexpressible words that you feel. It can bring people closer together. Here's another source for Gay and Lesbian Love Songs.

I love including a couple's photo and important details of their relationship, such as the date and where they met along with their names. Because Gay marriage is legal now (YEH!!) in many states, I can also do wedding certificates for gay and lesbian couples.

calligraphed Lesbian/Gay marriage vows with happy photo of two brides

Gay Love Art Gift Printed and Ready to Hang

Order yours now, and watch your loved one's eyes fill with tears of joy! Happy Valentine's Day- and celebrate your love every day of the year!

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Personalized Marriage Vows

husband's vows in calligraphy for first anniversary gift with white rose background

Your Personalized Vows in Calligraphy

Personalized Marriage vows are not necessarily the traditional “Do you have this man/woman to ….?”  It’s wonderful that now, you can choose to write your own marriage vows that express your hope of what your marriage will be. As individual as each couple’s relationship is, vows can reflect their unique personalities. Some couples choose to be serious (make sure to bring tissues to wipe your eyes); or funny (make sure you bring tissues to wipe your eyes)- that’s not a mistake! Like great TV situation comedies, often times marriage vows combine both sentimental with a touch of humor added. If you’re stumped about what to write, get inspiration from other couple’s wedding vows on Youtube and online. There are many good examples for you to borrow, edit and then craft your own personalized vows.

couple chose old and new photos to renew their vows in calligraphy

Renew Your Marriage Vows

Writing out your marriage vows in calligraphy is a very romantic anniversary gift. If you’re past your first year, which is traditionally the paper anniversary, it’s still nice idea to have those vows written out in calligraphy with your wedding photo. I’ve also enjoyed creating a calligraphy piece for renewal of marriage vows ten, twenty or even further down the line. We combined their wedding photo from back then, and their present day pictures from now. It’s a testament to strong love to go through that journey of time from youth to old age. It’s worthy of a memorable piece of art to celebrate a marriage of souls.

Calligraphy Art Piece Framed and Ready to Hang


There are many beautiful alternatives to traditional framing that come ready to hang right out of the box. The latest are printing on GLASS! and gorgeous acrylic prints! They are guaranteed to please!  Contact me to get started on your special gift of customized calligraphy.

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Personal poem written in caligraphy ordered online
Anniversary Gift, Gift Ideas, Love Poems, Unique Gift Ideas

Celebrate the day you met

Anniversary’s are a thing to celebrate- even if it’s not a marriage, but just the day you met.

Unique Gift for the Day You Met

Everyone remembers the day you met your sweetheart. It was memorable because it was the first meeting of someone that changed your life. I hope you still have that feeling – that charge of emotion when you first saw them. So many songs are written about that feeling- my favorite: Some Enchanted Evening….. that emotion is so addictive.

Well, you have to put effort into your relationship to make it fresh and keep that love strong. You do that by remembering those special days. GUYS: there’s NO excuse to forget anniversaries and birthdays! Put a reminder in your phone or computer calendar! But I hope you don’t even need the reminder.

Your Love Song in Calligraphy

What’s a unique gift for the person you love? Calligraphy of course is the perfect personal gift that will have your sweetie in tears (just read my “rave reviews“!) A calligraphy love poem that’s personalized with your names, and even your photos and ready to hang is like nothing else. You don’t even need a poem – you can just personalize a great photo with your names, the place and the date. Another idea is to have your favorite song written in calligraphy? In fact, having a personal photo with your place & dates written in calligraphy every year shows how you’re relationship is growing strong as you add the years you’ve been together. After all, isn’t that truly what love is?

Cafe Press has some terrific products that you can print your personalized message and photo on- even a case for your iPhone. Look at their site for ideas and then get back to me to design your perfect gift to celebrate your anniversary. Celebrate your love with beautiful calligraphy!

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