New Baby Birth Certificate with baby's photo boxed and placed on a pretty background
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Decorated New Baby Birth Certificate

The Perfect Gift for a New Baby

The perfect gift for a new baby is a decorated calligraphy birth certificate!

Having a new baby, whether it's your first of fifth (or more) is time for a celebration. And when you want to get a really unique gift (everyone ends up getting clothes) calligraphy is the answer to your dilemma. 

colorful calligraphy new baby birth certificate

You don't have to worry about the size, or how long the baby will wear your gift before they outgrown it. A decorated baby birth certificate can also match the newborn's colors and designs in the nursery. That's because you get to customize and personalize this calligraphy art.

Personalized Gift for New Baby

When you choose to get a custom designed baby birth certificate you can add any colors, text, photos, and whatever you like. Many people like to include the name of siblings so they don't feel left out when the new baby arrives. 

New Baby Birth Certificate

Fill In Print New Baby Certificates

If you have a smaller budget check out the options in pre-made backgrounds for the artwork. Of course I will add more limited personalization, but it's less expensive that a totally custom baby birth certificate. There are some designs that may be your choice for a new baby boy or a girl. 

Parents Message to their new baby

For a first born baby, this is a very emotional time. I loved writing out this beautiful letter the parents wrote to their first child. They also had an amazing photograph where I was able to superimpose the calligraphy right on their photograph. But if you don't have a photo like that, I can still add your photo to the birth certificate. 

Parents letter to their newborn written in calligraphy and framed

Favorite Poem for New Baby Birth Certificate

My favorite poem in the world.. ok maybe not my #1, but definitely top 5 is from "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran. I cannot read this poem without having tears come into my eyes. It is such a pleasure for me to do a new baby birth certificate with this poem. 

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might
that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable.

Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Really, isn't it amazing? You should get this book of poems because they are all so moving and true! And this first photo of the mother and father with their newborn is so perfect, don't you think?

Calligraphy poem The Prophet on Children for baby birth certificate in calligraphy

Include First Family Photo in Baby Birth Certificate

If the family is lucky, there is often a nurse or someone who can take the first photo of the new arrival meeting their parents for the first time. I LOVE being able to include this type of picture in the certificate. It's such a joy to see the happiness all around- (even if the baby is crying). It's so emotional!

new parents with their newborn in calligraphy birth certificate

Name Poem for New Baby Gift

A name poem can be another unique gift for a new baby. It's also known as "acrostic" poem. Because my calligraphy services are all customized, I can either add a photo of the baby or any background of your choice. Of course the text would be very different than this love poem below. Here's a great link to generate an acrostic poem. All you do is enter the name and gender! 

There are also "name definition" poems that could work really well as a new baby birth certificate gift. Find the origin of the baby's name, and the meaning. It can make you wonder: does the baby grow up to fit the name? Then the parents should be very careful about picking a baby name carefully. 

Acrostic Love Poem for Rachel in calligraphy with beautiful leading letters

Poems About Baby Boys or Baby Girls

There are lots of sweet poems about baby boys or baby girls. They can be general about their characteristics, or even religious.  The example above is entitled: "Why God Made Baby Boys". Here are poems about all sorts of occasions. If you want to find a poem that fits, all you have to do is ask Dr. Google! Nowadays we don't need the World Book Encyclopedia anymore. We have everything we need on our fingertips! 

Children Love to See Their Names

Another nice thing about these decorated new baby birth certificates is that children love to see their names written out. That's one of the first things that children learn to write: their own names! Having a beautiful calligraphy birth certificate for them can encourage them to learn to love calligraphy, and have a nice handwriting. Who knows? Maybe they'll want to grow up and be a calligrapher! LOL

But seriously, we can design the perfect unique gift for the new baby in your life, or the lives of someone you care about. And I know they will love this gift. Look below, and you'll see that you can also get it already printed on a surface that will make it ready to hang, right out of the box! 

New Baby Gift Completed Quickly

I know you'll want to have a gift to give to the parents for their new baby as soon as possible. Don't worry, I can generally get your gift done quickly. It can also be mailed directly to them if you live far away. Just contact me, and we can get started right away! 

And give the new baby a cuddle from me!

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Custom Design

Husband wrote this poem and wife had it written in calligraphy with original background image

Designing Custom Calligraphy

A custom design of an image to go with a poem takes a lot of thought and planning. It’s almost like a puzzle. I have to figure out how to bring out the meaning and combine the text design with a background that reflects that meaning visually. Custom design definitely takes time and experience.

This wife had a vision for a poem her husband wrote. We talked about it for a while trying to come up with a plan. Unfortunately there was no stock photography or even hand drawn images that fit what she envisioned.  Luckily, I was able to come up with a design that combined a few different photographs and combine them with Photoshop Magic. Yes, designing custom calligraphy backgrounds can take a lot of time, and therefore they tend to be expensive.

Sometimes I’m only adding a moon and stars to a dark sky, or doing slight changes that don’t take too much time. I really enjoy creating custom background designs for calligraphy. 

BIble verse in calligraphy for anniversary gift on gorgeous background from Barbados


Using Your Imagination for Calligraphy Design

Custom calligraphy designs take time, and even using your imagination to come up with the perfect design. My client said he wanted an “elegant” border design drawn around the love poem he wanted written out in beautiful calligraphy. Then he used the term “gothic”. But because “elegant” and even “gothic” can mean different things to everyone, I asked him to give me an example, either in my calligraphy gallery, or by visiting sites for photographs and designs. Then I was able to do a good search with keywords, for the type of flowers, colors, designs he preferred, and either a photo or a vector design (drawn by hand or computer) will appear to give you lots of choices.

watercolor border design with love letter anniversary gift in calligraphy

Personally, I wouldn’t have described this as “elegant” or gothic – but he was happy. And most important his WIFE was thrilled! I’m so happy when people write back to me to let me know that the custom design I came up with for them made their recipient happy. That’s one of the best parts of doing calligraphy. 

Once we have an agreement on an elegant border design, then I can start laying out the calligraphy design. I can also customize the border design, whether it is a vector or a hand drawn design. I can draw the type of flowers (or objects) you prefer and adjust the colors, size, etc.

Another wonderful option is using your own photography. However, make sure that you are taking pictures with the highest resolution in order to get a sharp print. Although the picture looks great on your computer or phone screen, it won’t look good when it’s printed unless the resolution is set to HIGH, and you have good lighting and a steady hand!

Not Creative?

Many people say they are not creative; but you still know what you like, and what you don’t like! I like to work with my clients to collaborate on the perfect gift. Remember also: when you are getting a gift for someone, it’s THEIR taste that’s important. You can think about how they dress, what colors they wear, the flowers or even season they prefer to help you come up with a design that reflects their taste.

Don’t give up because it’s not going fast enough! I’ll help you through the process, and then you’ll have a wonderful art piece of beautiful calligraphy, or any other type of personalized unique gift  that will always please you every time you see it!

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Funny affirmation written in calligraphy
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Affirmations Help You Through Hard Times

Affirmation- I Am in calligraphy

Affirmations Written In Calligraphy

It can help to have your most powerful affirmations written in calligraphy and where you will see them every day. One of my customers put this affirmation in her bathroom (on a metal surface that's safe in that damp environment) so she would see it every morning to start the day. These statements can keep you going when times are hard and the person you are having the most trouble with is YOURSELF!

Affirmations are statements that we repeat to ourselves. They’re like a mantra that we say again and again to be Inspirational to remove our doubts. It’s amazing because psychological research has proven that repeating affirmations really does work!

It shows us that the human experience is universal. Go into any house and you will see meaningful written words pinned on the wall, stuck to a refrigerator, or sticky notes on your computer. You want to be reminded of their meaning. Perhaps you have your own personal affirmations, sayings or quotes for a situation you’re going through. They help you to keep going when you are feeling down, or fearing failure. If you use an old affirmation, or a famous affirmation, saying or poem, they tell you that other people before you have had the same problems before you and said these words to help themselves. It makes you feel like you're not alone having a problem. 

Serenity Prayer as an Affirmation

I use the Serenity Prayer as an affirmation to help me when I’m not sure what I need! I think we all have those times in our lives when decisions are hard to make and you don’t want to do the wrong thing. But you're not sure of what is the "right thing" to do. That’s when I repeat the Serenity Prayer as my affirmation.

Serenity Prayer in calligraphy above the clouds

In the clouds version

An Affirmation Can Be Funny

Affirmations that are funny or disgusting are more memorable. I always go for funny because I'd prefer to have that repeated in my mind instead of something ugly! 

This little quote is funny and makes a lot of sense!

You have an impact words to inspire in calligraphy

One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time written in a calligraphy design

An affirmation that people with addictions rely on is "One Day At A Time". But it doesn't just have to apply to people with addiction. Anyone can have pain and focus on the fact that you can only deal with RIGHT NOW. This moment is what counts. So this affirmation could also be one moment at a time. I just have to get past this one moment.

Having a powerful affirmation in your head and right in front of your eyes reminds you that you are not alone, and that many others are going through something challenging. 

Affirmation for Healing in Calligraphy

Affirmations for Healing

I have worked on affirmations for healing people of many illnesses. It really touches my heart when I know the power of beautiful calligraphy combined with prayer to help someone heal from a terrible disease.

Victoria had cancer. Her best friend asked me to make this calligraphy affirmation for Victoria to look at while she was having chemo-therapy. 

I also did a very large hand painted piece with images of Gandolf from The Ring to help another woman beat back cancer. Although I haven't heard results from Victoria, I am so thrilled to report that the original piece that I did may have helped this young woman to overcome acute leukemia. WOW! It warms my heart to know that I may have contributed in some way to her healing!

Words To Live By

Do  you use "post it notes" to remind you about what you want to do? Calligraphy can serve as a much more beautiful and inspirational reminder. Maybe for yourself, or for someone you care about who is having a hard time the visual impact can be powerful. The Serenity Prayer and  One Day At A Time are available as prints (that's a lower cost alternative). They can also be personalized for yourself or the recipient of your gift. 

Say Positive Affirmation To Yourself

Get rid of negative language about yourself. Be kind and gentle and forgiving with yourself. Be the best person you can be, and forgive yourself when you slip up. Being harsh never helped anyone!

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metallic paper makes calligraphy look like it's glowing
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Printing Calligraphy Choices

giclee makes your calligraphy prints  gorgeous

Printing your Calligraphy Poem

There are so many choices when printing your calligraphy art!  There are so many papers and surfaces that are now available. In the "olden days", you could choose a couple of papers, but printing on a photograph was only available when you ordered a huge quantity of the same text.

I remember having to hand write out ten memorial poems and have them framed with a photograph of the deceased person (a young surfer- very sad). And it cost a fortune because of all the time it took to write out those pieces individually.

I actually had to write calligraphy on mat board, and have a place cut out of the board to place the photo! It cost a fortune! Not anymore, thankfully!

matted photo with calligraphy on mat board graduation gift


Giclee Printers Create High Quality Printing of Calligraphy and Photography

I remember the first time I saw a "giclee print". I would have sworn it was the original!

 If you’ve heard the word  “giclee” (gee-clay), it comes from the French word to “spray.” Giclee print technology printers are now available at much lower prices and you can probably afford to buy one yourself. But let me tell you, that printing is really hard to get right. I gave up my printer and send my work to a company that SPECIALIZES in doing this printing. They have a great assortment of papers to choose from. And they do color correction.

Colors on Your Computer Vs. Mine

You probably don't realize this but unless you "calibrate" your computer screen using sophisticated technology the colors you see can be very different from the colors I see. And to make matters even more difficult, the colors on the computer screen are different from the colors of a print! That's why I use PROFESSIONAL printers who know their way with giclee printing! I want you to get the most perfect result on your calligraphy art. 

And now printmaking that can be done in "limited runs".  That means you can do one print at a very reasonable cost. In the past printing would cost much more money per print unless you did hundreds at the same time!

Calligraphy can be printed on paper with Deckle edge, especially nice for parchment paper

Giclee printing uses the highest quality archival pigment inks as well as archival heavy weight art papers that you will really appreciate. Now the edges can even be "deckled" like handmade paper. Many have beautiful textures. These giclee inks can maintain the color of the print  and will not fade for up to a hundred years (with proper care)! 

Choice of Surfaces For Print/Framing

Now with there are so many options available for printing your calligraphy poem or text. Your personalized calligraphy can be written on a variety of not just paper, but canvas, wood, glass, acrylic and on practically any surface! Look below for examples. I've actually seen beautiful photographs printing on shower curtains! No kidding! I had to buy one for myself!

Metallic Paper Looks Like Calligraphy in Gold

song lyrics written in calligraphy printed on metallic paper with photographs of the couple superimposed on a sunset at the beach

Metallic paper is one of the great options that I offer with your calligraphy order. This kind of paper brings out the shine in the calligraphy lettering (when it's in a light color) or even parts of the photo. It even seems to glow in a dark room.

This piece with the couple's selfie was printed on a thin-wrap so it was ready to hang, right out of the box. Doesn't it look great?

Printing in metallic gold or silver is impossibly expensive. But with metallic paper, using the right color for the calligraphy lettering, it can give the look and illumination of gold, silver or copper!

Calligraphy Services Means Lots of Options

When you contact me with your text, my calligraphy services includes lots of suggestions about how to make your calligraphy gift special. Instead of going with a plain "parchment" background, I encourage you to stretch and consider different options.

Background Choices Improve the Look of Calligraphy Alone

I love combining selfies with other backgrounds to personalize your calligraphy gift and make it even more sentimental. Sure it's great to have "your song" - but when you combine it with your photo, it's even better! If your special photograph or selfie you've taken sits on your phone or computer you rarely see it. But when we combine your photograph with another background photograph, like in this example above, it will make your calligraphy order even more special to you! And ordering multiples even brings down the price on the additional orders.

So, let's get started on your calligraphy- a gift for someone special- or for YOURSELF- because YOU are special and deserve it!

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We give our children Roots and wings in calligraphy
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Favorite Christmas Gifts

My Favorite Christmas Gifts This Year

Every year, a new group of people discover Beautiful Calligraphy for their Christmas gift giving. It’s exciting for me to see what kinds of gifts I’m going to be working on for the season. As usual it was a mixed bag of requests: some religious text, some gifts that expressed love, a marriage proposal (!), a family poem, a child’s nursery rhyme, and a memorial of words of wisdom from a beloved grandmother who had passed.

Although I am generally very busy from November through December, for some reason it seems that practically everyone waited until December to realize that they needed to order their calligraphy gift. It was STRESSFUL. There is just so much that hands and eyes can do in one day! I didn’t get out of my chair for hours at a time- totally spaced out about eating lunch and sometimes dinner! But somehow, I got it all done. I even did a favorite poem for a friend who offers me her theatre tickets when she can’t make a performance. What a dear!

I hope you have a very happy holiday season- Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Joyous Kwanza…. or Mystical Winter Solstice!

and remember, you don’t need a special holiday to order a beautiful calligraphy for yourself!

Your Calligraphy Gift – Uniquely Printed and Framed and Ready to Hang 

Your calligraphy artpiece can be printed on a variety of amazing surfaces that will not need additional traditional framing – and it comes ready to hang, right out of the box! Imagine how great your calligraphy piece will look printed on canvas, metal, wood, glass or acrylic!

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Graduation Gifts

Steve Jobs quote from graduation speech written in calligraphy with red apple standing out

Inspirational Quotes for a Great Graduation Gift

Do you have a student in your life who is about to graduate. I'm sure they've worked hard to finish school. and they're at the beginning of their professional lives. You want to get them something that will have a lot of meaning to them. If you can't think of a good graduation gift I hope you will consider getting that new graduate a meaningful inspirational quote?!

We all have quotes that help us get through the day and give us focus and motivation when we're feeling down. There are so many wonderful motivational and inspirational quotes for the new graduate starting off their lives.

How To Find the Perfect Quote for a Graduation Gift

Who inspired the graduate? Find a quote from a famous person who worked in the area of their college major. You can do a search online for quotes for lawyers, doctors, architects, computer sciences, business. I just loved this quote from Steve Jobs and I wrote it in calligraphy and personalized it. Then it was printed and "framed" on metal.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

I wrote this Steve Jobs quote in calligraphy for my nephew. The photo of the apples seemed so appropriate- don't you think so? Let your graduate know you think they stand out from the crow

This famous quote by Teddy Roosevelt is perfect for the business major or business school graduate.

Famous Quote from T Roosevelt of entrepreneurship written in calligraphy

If you have a quote you love, write to me for calligraphy services- and we'll come up with the perfect gift for your graduate!

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Personalized Marriage Vows

husband's vows in calligraphy for first anniversary gift with white rose background

Your Personalized Vows in Calligraphy

Personalized Marriage vows are not necessarily the traditional “Do you have this man/woman to ….?”  It’s wonderful that now, you can choose to write your own marriage vows that express your hope of what your marriage will be. As individual as each couple’s relationship is, vows can reflect their unique personalities. Some couples choose to be serious (make sure to bring tissues to wipe your eyes); or funny (make sure you bring tissues to wipe your eyes)- that’s not a mistake! Like great TV situation comedies, often times marriage vows combine both sentimental with a touch of humor added. If you’re stumped about what to write, get inspiration from other couple’s wedding vows on Youtube and online. There are many good examples for you to borrow, edit and then craft your own personalized vows.

couple chose old and new photos to renew their vows in calligraphy

Renew Your Marriage Vows

Writing out your marriage vows in calligraphy is a very romantic anniversary gift. If you’re past your first year, which is traditionally the paper anniversary, it’s still nice idea to have those vows written out in calligraphy with your wedding photo. I’ve also enjoyed creating a calligraphy piece for renewal of marriage vows ten, twenty or even further down the line. We combined their wedding photo from back then, and their present day pictures from now. It’s a testament to strong love to go through that journey of time from youth to old age. It’s worthy of a memorable piece of art to celebrate a marriage of souls.

Calligraphy Art Piece Framed and Ready to Hang


There are many beautiful alternatives to traditional framing that come ready to hang right out of the box. The latest are printing on GLASS! and gorgeous acrylic prints! They are guaranteed to please!  Contact me to get started on your special gift of customized calligraphy.

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Famous Quote from T Roosevelt of entrepreneurship written in calligraphy
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Famous People’s Quotes

Steve Jobs quote from graduation speech written in calligraphy with red apple standing out from the rest

Famous Quotes from Famous People

My custom calligraphy services frequent requests to write quotes from famous people: the ones we most admire. Your choice of a quote actually says a lot about you. What you believe in, how you live your life, what you are passionate about often comes from the people we admire and aspire to be like, and the things they say. If you listen to public speakers they will often quote others who they admire and follow. If you want to inspire others, it often comes down to quoting other’s important sayings, and even jokes. These sayings don’t even have to be from modern times – luckily, we have the words of historical figures whose quotes have inspired and motivated and moved people for centuries. They are timeless.

Where To Find Great Quotes

Quotes are available everywhere, even used for advertisements on bill boards, on the internet, in libraries. In our day and age, of course all you have to do is go to Google to ask! Here’s a place for top 100 famous quotes. One of the reasons we love reading quotes, and perhaps even writing them down and pasting them to your workspace is because they speak to you. Famous quotes are empathetic and tell the reader that they are not the first person to find the thoughts expressed in the quote as meaningful. Inspirational and motivational quotes serve as
advisors to us. Oftentimes the people who speak these quotes are political figures, literary giants, beloved leaders and even famous personalities.

Quotes I Love

Although Bonnie Raitt is a well known musician, I was listening to her concert and heard her say something that really resonated with me: “It took me a long time to get here, but I’m right on time”.   Do you ever feel that way?

Famous People’s Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are wonderful gifts for college graduates. I wrote this wonderful prophetic paragraph in calligraphy from an inspirational speech Steve Jobs gave at a university graduation that you can see at the top of the page. When I found the image of one red apple that stood out from the rest I thought that was the perfect graphic to go with the inspirational quote from Apple Founder, Jobs.

Quotes To Inspire Entrepreneurs

A high-powered very successful entrepreneur recently had a request for a Theodore Roosevelt quote. Writing calligraphy is more than just putting words on a piece of paper. I work hard to find the meaningful words in a text, and making those stand out from the rest. It’s almost like a puzzle using calligraphy. But I’ve learned that this can be achieved by emphasizing the size, color or type of lettering in an important phrase.  The result is a seeing a subtext in a longer piece of writing.

Famous quote by TR (Roosevelt) written in calligraphy with subtext emphasized in red on black background

What words speak to you? Let me help you get them off little snippets of paper stuck to your computer, and have them written in custom calligraphy for your inspiration and motivation for a unique gift or to encourage YOU to be your best self. Just contact me and let’s come up with something beautiful for you!

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Personal poem written in caligraphy ordered online
Anniversary Gift, Gift Ideas, Love Poems, Unique Gift Ideas

Celebrate the day you met

Anniversary’s are a thing to celebrate- even if it’s not a marriage, but just the day you met.

Unique Gift for the Day You Met

Everyone remembers the day you met your sweetheart. It was memorable because it was the first meeting of someone that changed your life. I hope you still have that feeling – that charge of emotion when you first saw them. So many songs are written about that feeling- my favorite: Some Enchanted Evening….. that emotion is so addictive.

Well, you have to put effort into your relationship to make it fresh and keep that love strong. You do that by remembering those special days. GUYS: there’s NO excuse to forget anniversaries and birthdays! Put a reminder in your phone or computer calendar! But I hope you don’t even need the reminder.

Your Love Song in Calligraphy

What’s a unique gift for the person you love? Calligraphy of course is the perfect personal gift that will have your sweetie in tears (just read my “rave reviews“!) A calligraphy love poem that’s personalized with your names, and even your photos and ready to hang is like nothing else. You don’t even need a poem – you can just personalize a great photo with your names, the place and the date. Another idea is to have your favorite song written in calligraphy? In fact, having a personal photo with your place & dates written in calligraphy every year shows how you’re relationship is growing strong as you add the years you’ve been together. After all, isn’t that truly what love is?

Cafe Press has some terrific products that you can print your personalized message and photo on- even a case for your iPhone. Look at their site for ideas and then get back to me to design your perfect gift to celebrate your anniversary. Celebrate your love with beautiful calligraphy!

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Desiderata, the famous poem of Max Ehrmann written in calligraphy on parchment background with calligraphic flourishes as decoration
Custom Calligraphy, Famous poems, Gift Ideas, Graduation Gift, Personalized gifts, Spiritual


desiderata written in calligraphy and superiposed on a photo from NASA

Desiderata means “things to be desired”

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence” begins Max Ehrmann’s  1927 epic poem, Desiderata. It is both a spiritual and inspirational famous poem.

Desiderata has been a popular request of my calligraphy services, and each person wanted a different background. This poem gives a good instructions about how to live a happy and successful life. It would make a wonderful graduation gift, a housewarming gift for a person starting off on their own. Available as a print (11 x 14) or with a background of your choice or Desiderata can also be personalized for a unique gift by contacting me with your personalization and ideas for a background.

This design background of Desiderata was made for a young man graduating from medical school in New York. His mother wanted to have a background of New York City- the place where he would begin his practice as a physician. With beautiful calligraphy’s custom services, you don’t have to settle with any background. You can pick what appeals to you, and have your unique gift personalized.

This next example of Desiderata written in calligraphy was for a woman who wanted only a parchment paper background with calligraphy flourishes as a border design. She loved this poem so much that she purchased multiple copies for Christmas gifts for her friends. Additional prints are are a reduced price, so if you really like a particular poem that you want written out in calligraphy, consider buying an additional copy for yourself!

All prints can be printed and framed on a variety of substrates including metal, wood, paper, canvas, acrylic and even glass! They come to you ready to hang, right out of the box!

Desiderata, Go placidly, by Max Ehrmann, written in calligraphy on parchment paper background.

Just click here or any of the images to get started with your copy of Desiderata. Close your eyes and think about the poem – what do you see in your “mind’s eye”? That can be made into the perfect background for your print of this famous poem, Desiderata.

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