Custom Calligraphy, Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift: Calligraphy

Are you a grateful, loving husband whose wife is celebrating Mother’s Day after the birth of your child. What a wonderful time in your lives! There’s no better time in life than when that first baby arrives and creates a family. There are so many loving feelings; and too often they are not expressed – maybe you’re BOTH too tired!

So, here’s the perfect solution. Combining your message of love and appreciation to the mother of your child with a beautiful calligraphy message. If you’re a good writer, come up with your own message of love of gratitude. If you’re writing challenged, there’s always wonderful poetry. And a third method is by going to a card store, and writing down a couple of phrases that resonate with you. Combine them together!

Then we can collaborate to either come up with a beautiful floral design, or include a photo of her with your new baby. Talk about a special unique gift that will ALWAYS be treasured! You still have time to be sneaky and grab that camera while she’s feeding, cuddling, or playing with the baby. Because Mother’s Day is still off a little bit, she won’t suspect! But don’t wait! It’s getting close! Make sure you take a HIGH resolution picture.

Here are a couple of examples of incorporating photography and calligraphy.

love poem from grandpa

Imagine what your gift could look like- And imagine the look in her eyes when she receives it!

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Custom Calligraphy

A Gift for an Artist or Creative Person on your Holiday List

The Perfect Gift for the Creative Person on your list

Do you have a creative or artistic person on your gift list for the holidays? Or, do you have an inner artist waiting to express her/himself inside YOU? Sometimes you just have to write or draw, and it makes you so relaxed, and filled with the joy you used to have as a kid when you were doing a project in school. So here’s my idea for you.

I have these wonderful organic, fairtrade reusable shopping bags – with non-toxic fabric paint pens. Give the gift to your artist, and you may be lucky enough to get one of the bags back as a gift! AND they’re on Sale for the holidays!

If you are the artist, or creative person, consider decorating and personalizing bags for your friends for an original gift idea that is REALLY from you! Enjoy yourself – or work on a project with your children, grandchildren… WHOEVER!

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Custom Calligraphy

Holiday Calligraphy Gift Ideas

A Gift that EVERYONE Loves!

People love to see their name in “fancy writing” or beautiful calligraphy. I’ve been to lots of homes and seen hand calligraphy wedding invitation envelopes held up with magnets on their refrigerator doors! Even with computer fonts that “look like” calligraphy, people can still tell the difference between the printed computer lettering and real handwritten calligraphy. 

So, when you are looking for a unique gift idea for someone special, consider how long the gift of a handwritten poem, quote or other calligraphy gift will continue to please your recipient. And give yourself a gift! Don’t YOU have a special quote – maybe an inspirational or motivational quote that you have on the wall near your desk. Get something that reminds you of what’s important in life! When it’s written in hand done calligraphy, you will not only be able to read it, but have “Words To Live By”.  

I have many choices of already done calligraphy quotes that can be personalized with your recipients name as well as yours. It’s a lower cost alternative to custom calligraphy. Remember, the holidays are coming up!

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