Calligraphy Addressed Envelopes ~

Have you ever received a wedding invitation addressed to you in hand-written calligraphy? ~ People LOVE to see their names written in fancy writing. I can’t even tell you how many of those envelopes end up on refrigerator doors so the beautiful calligraphy can been seen all the time!

With all the fonts available on your computer, handwritten calligraphy still stands out as the most beautiful way to express the written word. When you are planning your wedding, remember, the first communication is that invitation, and it sets the stage for your most special day. When your invitation is addressed in hand done calligraphy, your guests know that you are paying special attention to every detail. They know that your wedding will be a stand out occasion!

Many people love to have their wedding certificate at the marriage ceremony. In some traditions, guests are asked to sign the wedding certficate. After the wedding, a beautiful decorated marriage certificate becomes the perfect artwork to put over your bed. It’s a beautiful reminder of that most special day. Both custom designed wedding certificates, and the lower cost version are available in our store. Make YOUR wedding special with Beautiful Calligraphy!