January 5, 2019

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opening page of bound book written in calligraphy

Your Own Book in Calligraphy

This Christmas I had a request to write an entire book in calligraphy! This was to be a very special gift to the love of her life. In fact, they co-wrote the book together. Never having written out an entire book, I had to learn a lot!

Price for A Book Written in Calligraphy

There are a lot of words in a book! And there are also a lot of pages in a book. The layout is very important because you need to have borders that are even from page to page.

Luckily, my client was open to suggestions from both the book binder and me, the calligrapher! The expense of writing out an entire book in calligraphy is significant. As a calligrapher who does custom calligraphy, I have many requests to write very long texts; poems, biblical verses, and Best Man Speeches which can have MANY words. The way I determine the price for calligraphy is to consider the number of words, the number of lines, whether I will have to spend time working in photoshop on backgrounds and personal photographs. If someone wants the words to be very large that can also take extra time.

Computer Font with Hand Written Calligraphy

When your text is very long, and your budget is short, I have a wonderful alternative! I can use photoshop to pick an amazing computer font, and then write titles and specific important lines in hand calligraphy. Then I can bring the price down to half of what it would generally cost for a calligrapher to write out the entire text! There are beautiful new fonts available. When combined with the calligraphy headings, it really looks like a custom calligraphy artwork!

That was the perfect option for my client. She picked a computer font and I wrote titles, page numbers, leading letters and more in calligraphy. That way she got a custom personalized hand made book written in calligraphy and computer font at a price that worked for her.

I needed 2 things from a calligrapher: professional guidance on a project, and artistic, meticulous delivery of the product. Lianda exceeded my expectations on both. She is an experienced professional, and an artist. I feel so fortunate to have found her, and would not hesitate to use her again. – Cynthia H.

Technology: Combining Your Photo With Custom Calligraphy

I have not found another custom calligraphy site on the web where a calligrapher combines hand written calligraphy and superimposes it on photography and a client’s choice of background. Most of the calligraphers I have seen do hand painting or border designs on their calligraphy artwork. It can be very beautiful. (But I have seen some really awful examples as well!). And because of the time it takes to do both, it is generally very expensive- and worth it when you find a really talented calligrapher.

Happily, I have an option for people who want their own photograph or selfie with their text written in calligraphy. Another calligrapher would have to tell their client to have the photo and calligraphy combined with a matt cutting out two spaces for each part in a traditional frame. But with photoshop, I can combine both together! And it costs a LOT less money!

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