Calligraphy with YOUR Photo!

You probably have many favorite photos that you never see!  Nowadays, your photos are stored in your phone, or maybe you have some paper prints that are stashed away in a drawer. And that's a shame, because there's a way to see those photos you love every day! 

That's one of the best options that are available on Beautiful Calligraphy that you can't get anywhere else! You can combine your selfies, your photos of places and things, or even professional photographs with text to create a truly unique and personalized gift that you can't get anywhere else!

Photo of the doctor who deserving thanking with a calligraphy letter of gratitude
Forget Botox, Photoshop takes out wrinkles in this photo of grandmother with a poem about her
Personalized calligraphy of Corinthians with selfie
Husband wrote a love poem that I wrote out in handwritten calligraphy with cute photo of them kissing in front of angel wings wall painting.
Birthday calligraphy with surprise marriage proposal with photo of the to be bride
matted photo with calligraphy on mat board graduation gift

Up until just a few years ago if you wanted your picture and calligraphy text I had to write on a mat board that had 2 cut-outs. One for the calligraphy and the other for your photo. Yes, it looked great, but it cost more money. And it was stressful for me to write on a mat that couldn't be repaired if I made a mistake. 

Your Artwork with Calligraphy

In the past, if I wanted to decorate a calligraphy piece, I had to rely on drawing and painting by hand. It took a LOT of time, and it was pretty expensive! I also work with artists who want calligraphy written on their art. However, now I can use Photoshop, scan their artwork, and it doesn't destroy their picture! How great is that? And there are so many gorgeous images on Adobe stock that you can combine to an artistic background image with your own poem, Scripture, song lyrics, inspirational quotes or anything else that has words in it! 

Multiple Copies Used to Cost a Fortune

If someone wanted more than 1 piece, there was no cost effective way to print the calligraphy. It was less expensive to do a bunch of originals than to do offset printing in color! 

Thankfully, the ancient art of Calligraphy has been “modernized” with improvements in technology. Even computer fonts are trying to emulate the look of calligraphy. It looks a lot better but it’s still pretty stiff.If I wanted to use calligraphy and photography, I’d use a mat board to combine both in a finished art piece. Then you would have to do traditional framing which is very expensive. Now combining your photograph with text can go on the same print! And it looks great and much less expensive. 

marriage proposal written on a cute background of the fiancee kissing her fiancé in front of the ocean
Valentines day gift of love poems are nthis includes a selfie of the couple

Writing Calligraphy on Your Photo

When people see calligraphy superimposed on their photo that's generally what they want to order.

Examples of Custom Calligraphy Anniversary gifts with your own photography

Can I Use Your Photo with Calligraphy?

But some pictures are too busy with detail, and there is no place for me to put the lettering. Sometimes I can expand the background as you can see above. But even if that's not possible, there's another great option of boxing the photo and layering it on another background - or sometimes two backgrounds.  You can find great photos at Adobe. I include the cost of one photo with your purchase. 

This is one of my favorite calligraphy pieces. Their mother contacted me to make this gift for the couple's first anniversary. I combined a nice font with calligraphy personalization. I put the photo with special edges on a sky and a dded the forest that matched where they were walking. Even though the text is written with a computer font, I did hand calligraphy for the titles which gives it the look of a custom job while saving money on a long text totally written in calligraphy. 

Combining your own photo, calligraphy titles & computer text with a great background to create artwork you'll always enjoy looking at

Learning Photoshop To Use With Calligraphy

I remember when I first learned about photoshop and wondered if I’d be able to use calligraphy with photos. It took quite a while to learn photoshop. Even experts in the field of photography don’t use all the tools; and it’s like that with calligraphy. I had to find how to do effects with calligraphy that photographers don’t know about! I had to learn how I can do drop shadows and other effects on the letters. Also, how I could darken parts of the handwritten letters that came out light!  It took me about a year to learn to use photoshop just for calligraphy! And I am still learning.

Find Your Favorite Picture

So, what does that mean for you? WOW- you have options now! If you want me to do an art piece of calligraphy and combine it with your photograph, I can do it, and we can print one, or multiples! That makes it a great gift item that you can give to your whole family or many friends at a lower cost. Although it’s printed, it can be personalized for one, or many people. And now it can be printed on so many items and surfaces!

How about getting a unique gift with inspirational quotes on a coffee cup? On a T-shirt, a calendar, a mousepad…. there are now so many ways to have “words to live by” on items that you use all the time!  Of course, I can still do a handwritten calligraphy piece for you, AND we can use that to print as well. So you get more items at a reduced cost.

Let your imagination go wild. Consider calligraphy gifts for birthdays, graduations, new baby gifts… Here's how to come up with a great idea for anyone for any occasion.  And put yourself on the list! Contact me and let’s get started!