Mission Statement of Dental Office

Business Certificates, Resolutions, And Mission Statements ~

Every business should proudly display their Mission Statement in their lobby. It tells you customers, not only about your business, but the ethics and what your business stands for. It should be an impressive, large piece that tells your customers they have chosen wisely to use your business!  

Awards Are Appreciated

There are employees or leaders in your company who need to be thanked for their service. Most companies will wait until someone retires to give them a certificate. However, a certificate of appreciation- even if it's only their name filled in with calligraphy in a beautifully designed certificate can make someone feel honored.

Your business certificates, awards and resolutions written in calligraphy makes a statement about the value that your company places on these important words and on the people who have worked for your business. It impresses me when I read about the contributions of people who receive these awards! And, it really looks impressive.

Retirement certificate in calligraphy
Award for National park with decorated leading letters
Happy retiring staff receives calligraphy hand lettered certificate

Company Logo Can Be Included in Business Certificates

Fun Business Award Certificate for Golf in Calligraphy

Because of the improvement of technology and giclee printing, all awards can now include company logos and designs in the exact colors of your company brand. 

Business Awards that are REALLY Exemplary

When a staff member or retiring long time employee or high level CEO leaves a company they deserve acknowledgement of their contribution to your company. I make sure to design certificates of appreciation with plenty of space for the recipient's name. This way they can be proudly display the calligraphy award. I like to make their name really stand out. 

handwritten calligraphy business award with company logo
Gold Leaf Leading letter in business award
decorated first initials for business award
Award for Election Integrity combining calligraphy with computer font and a logo
Outstanding Lawyer Award
Contemporary calligraphy treatment for award for the Honorable Senator Boxer
Decorated letters to Senator Barbara Boxer's gift

I was very honored to be able to present this certificate of appreciate to then Senator Barbara Boxer. I have personally been involved in Election Integrity for almost twenty years. 

Certificate Completions

More than anything people want to see their name stand out in a certificate. If you are designing a certificate make sure you leave adequate space to make the recipient's name large and impressive! 

I put special care and detail into making their names stand out on the page. Whether you like "Old English", or a more contemporary look for your business awards, resolutions or certificates, the choice is yours!

ps- I can also help your company to design your typeset certificates, and then just leave the name of the recipient and the date of the award. That's a cost saving measure, but the recipient still appreciates the extra effort of having their name calligraphed.

Certificate of Appreciation for a doctor written entirely in calligraphy

Retirement Certificate

When an executive retires from a company a recognition of their contributions is an appreciated gesture.  So often these certificates are presented to the recipient in fancy award ceremony. This company went all out with their effusive thanks for a job well done.
Typically you'll see many "whereas" and Now, therefore be it resolved".  I was happy that this company liked the flourishing in the certificate and allowed me to put the focus on the recipient's name. 

Retirement certificate with recognition for a job well done for their executive
business certificate with company logo

Printing For Contemporary Look

If you are not looking for an "old world" look with a heavy wooden frame, I have some really great looking alternatives to traditional framing. The text can be printed on metal, canvas and wrapped, acrylic, wood and other surfaces. Look at the examples. Then your calligraphy will arrive at your office ready to hang. 

Bible Verse Mission Statement from Real Estate Agent in calligraphy with beautiful background of praying hands reaching to the sky

Real Estate Mission Statement

I think that Covid-19 is bringing out the best and worst in people. This Real Estate Agent and her partner needed this Mission Statement combination with a prayer. They asked for help to deal with difficult situations and clients in this crazy time! 

Quotes for Entrepreneurs

There are some exemplary quotes by great sales people, politicians, statesmen (and women) that can make your office very impressive for visitors. The quote you choose says a lot about what is important to you. Who wouldn't want an amazing piece like this in their office?

This famous quote by Teddy Roosevelt ends with the famous lines:

"..if he fails, at least fails while DARING GREATLY so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." - Theordore Roosevelt
Quote for entrepreneurs office
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