Calligraphy Items for People's Hobbies, Interests &Passions

When you are looking for a gift for the person who has everything you need to be creative! You don't want to just give "anything" - you want your gift to stand out!

Think about your gift recipient's personality, their hobbies, interest and passions and even the job that they do. That will give you a focus for a type of gift that will truly delight them. And practically any type of gift can be enhanced with calligraphy!

Where to Get Items Personalized With Calligraphy

There are sites where you can have quotes and text imprinted on a bunch of different items such as "Cafe Press", Zazzle and even Amazon. I will write the calligraphy text or do a design with calligraphy that can be imprinted on any of these items. If you are into sustainability, I have great organic cotton shopping bags that can be personalized. 

Here's a list to inspire your creativity for Original Gifts

  • Yoga
  • Environment (Sustainability) - such as shopping bags with messages; reusable water bottles
  • Musical quotes
  • Pets
  • Golf, Tennis and other sports
  • Computer and I T enthusiasts
  • Photography (amazing photographs- or using one of THEIR photographs with a quote or even a great joke about photography* (see below)
  • Spiritual
  • Religious Focus
  • Recovery
  • Teaching
  • Cooking
  • Gay Pride
  • ..... ETC. I hope I have inspired you to think out of the box!

Poem for Cat Lovers

What better present could there be for a friend who loves cats than a poem about her and pictures of her favorite cats? This lady is obviously devoted to cats as her friend writes in a birthday poem. If you’re not great at writing your own short poem there are people on the web who specialize in writing personal poems or limericks.

These type of personal or “party poems” really show your knowledge about your friend and their lives. A good poet can make a funny or serious poem that brings all that out in rhyme.

It’s also a great gift for a group of people to get for a birthday for a special friend. Instead of getting lots of inexpensive silly gifts, having a poem written and then written in calligraphy is truly a special gift that the recipient will always treasure.

This “cat lady” didn’t have any great photos of her feral cats, so I had to search online to add them to the calligraphy. But I can add any photos of yours- even selfies with your friends and dear ones.

Think out of the box- get a unique gift that is truly personalized: a personal poem done up with calligraphy!

Great Story About Photography-

A professional photographer was invited to a dinner party with a bunch of friends. The host commented to the photographer:
"Oh, I just love that photo you took. What kind of camera did you use?"
The photographer answered the question but felt slightly irked...
After the dinner when she was leaving the party she commented about the meal to the host:
"The dinner was absolutely delicious! What kind of oven do you use?"

You get it- everyone has a camera on their phone nowadays and think they are great photographers. I can tell you most people don't have much of a clue about how to take a good photograph! I spend a LOT of my time correcting problems with photographs that people want to use with their calligraphy art piece! Learn my tips to improve your photography, but NOT your cooking! LOL

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