Patron Saint Terese stained glass window with quote written in gothicized italic calligraphy

Writing Bible Verse and Scripture in Calligraphy

Biblical verses, text and scripture mean so much to many people. When I visit people I often see these texts written on parchment looking paper.  But what if you could have your Bible text decorated with a gorgeous visual background can give you joy and inspiration every time your eye notices the calligraphy art piece? They can be what I call, "words to live by". That's a double entendre that truly has meaning both ways. Keep beautiful words nearby to inspire and motivate you. The Bible can offer many examples of words that can do all this. 

Make sure you use your "mind's eye" when reading the text. Envision the images you imagine when you read the Biblical verse. This will make the perfect background for your religious text. Biblical quotes can also be a wonderful gift for your minister - a moving retirement gift for your Pastor, Minister or Priest.

Here's a certificate of Ordination that I did in calligraphy with traditional decoration.

When you read Biblical scripture it can give you a peaceful feeling- or even energized by the beauty and meaning of the words. I'm so happy when I'm able to get Christians and people with other religions to stretch and include beautiful images with their words. Here are examples of just a few. 

God's name in many different religions written in calligraphy superimposed on background of a Christian Cross in sunset
religious scripture for first anniversary gift in calligraphy superimposed on beautiful background
Religious quote: Christian Prayer asking for Jesus Christ to help written in calligraphy with beautiful cross illuminated by the sun in the background
Christian theme marriage vows renewed in calligraphy
Gorgeous "god sky" with a Christian Religious quote
Christian Prayer in caligraphy

Your own Spiritual Words written in calligraphy

Do you have sayings that are meaningful to you? When written in calligraphy they are right by you to keep you following the path you have chosen.

religious text written in calligraphy with photo of woman seeing a cross in the sky
Christian personal reasons to pray and times to thank God written in calligraphy
keepsake of Christian grandmother's own sayings

In her own prayers and writing

Psalm Christian Prayer in calligraphy
Married Many years, wife's favorite prayer in calligraphy on background where they spent their honeymoon
Dear God Christian Prayer in calligraphy
Antique book with message for God written in calligraphy
corinthians 13-1 from the Bible, a love poem for a Valentine's Day gift or any occasion

Christmas is the Time for Traditions

Christmas is a time of family traditions. Be it your family coming together for Christmas, or the decorations that come out every year, these Christmas traditions make you enjoy the holidays even more.

For a heartfelt Christmas gift, this father wrote a wonderful poem, and his wife had me decorate and write in calligraphy. A totally unique gift was created for this family - a framed calligraphy personal poem. It was then printed and framed- to be brought out for every new Christmas, becoming part of the tradition of the holiday. The framing is very Christmassy... white like snow- printed on metal, and practically indestructible! It will be a family tradition for years to come!

Why not start your own family tradition with a personal poem just for Christmas?

If you want a totally original gift for Christmas, what could be better than a family poem that is taken out only during Christmas? 

Father wrote a Christmas poem for his family. WIfe had it written out in calligraphy to makes a unique gift in calligraphy
Christmas Family Poem by the father of the house in calligraphy with watercolor picture of their old home
Christmas Poem- in calligraphy

Let's create a moving religious text that can become a reminder of how you want to live your life-  click how to order to get started. 

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