embarrassed groom listening to best man's speech

Best Man's Speech for a Wedding Gift ~

Best man's speech in calligraphy and computer font to save cost

A Best Man's Speech can be humorous, sentimental, bawdy. But the best ones are probably a combination of all of those characteristics. Probably the Best Man feels honored, and maybe a bit worried about standing up and talking in front of the wedding party. It's been said that people fear speaking in public more than dying!

I've been told that many guys put a lot of thought and time into preparing this speech. There are even websites that help you men to come up with great speeches! 

Embarrassed by Best Man's Speech

You would think the Best Man's Speech was intended to embarrass the new husband, because oftentimes you can see him cringe with the memory. The worst thing is when the best man is drunk or says something unflattering about the bride! 

During the wedding, it will be really moving to hear your husband's best friend extoll his virtues with heartfelt words, and hysterical to hear some new stories that you may not have heard before!  But after the event, only snippets will be remembered.... unless....

How to Remember the Best Man's Speech

Why not commemorate those words of the best man and remember the laughs and maybe even tears from the speech at the wedding? Combining a photo of your best giving the toast with his heartfelt stories can make a great thank you gift when you have them written out in Beautiful Calligraphy?!

It makes a really nice present for your best man to show him that you appreciate his words. You can also pick and choose the phrases to include instead of writing out the entire speech! (don't want to commemorate any embarrassing moments forever!).

Best man's speech combines computer font with a background from where the wedding ceremony was held with wedding photo

Long Best Man's Speech

Since the speech is probably long, the cost-efficient way to have the entire speech is to combine calligraphy with a great computer font. That really cuts down the price of having the entire speech written out in calligraphy. All the personalization is done is hand calligraphy. I like using a contrasting style to really make the calligraphy stand out.

Also, combining a background photo that could be from the venue, or the place where the wedding took place is a nice added touch. This wedding above was near the beach, so that background worked out so well!

One of the easiest things is having your Best Man's Speech printed on a surface that won't need additional framing. It comes ready to hang right out of the box! You can see loads of choices for framing so that your Best Man's Speech will be all complete and delivered directly to him. If you need help with choosing the best printing/framing , just contact me for suggestions.