Gift for your Best Friend ~

You want your best friend’s gift to be special. If it’s for their birthday, a holiday, or just a way to show you care, calligraphy and your selfie photo can really mean a lot to them! Calligraphy gives you lots of options whether you want a meaningful, sentimental gift for your friend, or a funny saying with a great selfie photo.

Sometimes you have multiple pictures that you’ve taken, and you can’t decide which is best- and I have a great option for that- use LOTS of pictures that highlight your friendship.

You can write your own text about how special your friendship is, or use a wonderful poem from a famous poet, such as George Eliot (who was actually a woman who had to write under a male’s pen name in order to get published!)

Oh, the comfort of feeling safe with a person

having neither to weight thoughts nor measure words,

but to pour them all out

just as chaff and grain together

knowing that a faithful hand will take a sift them,

keeping what is worth keeping

and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away

by George Eliot

How to Find Great Poems for Best Friends Gift

Another great way to find text that really speaks from your heart for a best friends gift is to go a card store and read greeting cards. Sure, some of them are sappy, but there are some really wonderful texts that can inspire you to write a heartfelt gift for your best friend. Take some pictures of the texts you like to give you ideas for your friend’s gift. When it’s written in calligraphy combined with your photographs, it becomes a truly memorable gift that your friend and you will treasure. In fact, we can make 2 (the second print costs less!).

There are also great poems online. Here’s one site where there are lots of choices –