So Many Beautiful Background Choices ~

Your text of calligraphy looks even better with a beautiful background image. Finding the right choice of a beautiful background can make a text even more special to you. Just think about it: practically every written word you’ll see in advertisement or any media has a background. Professional know the impact of a photograph so they don’t use a plain color or parchment background. The visual picture with the words just pops and makes your message stand out even more! And it can be any kind of photograph- like from a place you’ve been, or up in space!  Beautiful background choices will make you have a hard time deciding which one you want to use! But I’ll help you. 

How I  Incorporate The Background Image You Choose

Your handwritten calligraphy will be scanned and printed on a choice of background. Then, a high-resolution giclee printer, makes the calligraphy look like an original, but with the advantage of being able to print with the beautiful background of your choice, or a personal photo. In fact, sometimes I use both a background choice and will take a selfie photo and superimpose the person on the background! (Please note that even the “parchment paper” choices are photographs of actual parchment paper, and your calligraphy will not be printed on actual animal skin. (read more about “parchment”)

How to Pick a Great Background

So many people say they’re not creative and can’t think of what a good background would be. Read here to release your inner creativity and learn how to pick the perfect image for your text. There are a just a few backgrounds on this page. But you have a world of choices available to you. If you don’t see an image that feels right for your project please take a few moments to browse StockFresh. You can also choose

Use keywords in the search bar. When you find images that you like please either create a ‘light-box’ and include the URL in your custom request or simply send the URL to the single images.

On this page, you can click on an image to expand your view. Note that these are small versions of the high-resolution images that we have on file for use in custom pieces. They can be used as the entire background, or just a small boxed area on the calligraphy art piece.

Your Own Photo in the background

If you would like to submit your own photo for use with your custom piece it must be high-resolution with at least 240 DPI. Photos by other photographers are accepted but will require a written release for use in your project. I may not be able to write the calligraphy superimposed on your photo, but it can also be “boxed” on the side of the text. That also works out well. You can send me the photo along with your request for more information.

A Few Examples of Background Images

Here are just a few beautiful background choices for your calligraphy. You are NOT limited to choosing one of these!

Where To Find Background Images

There are so many sites with gorgeous photographs. It can really be enjoyable to look at all the pictures. The important thing is to put in search terms or you'll waste a lot of time. And make sure that you take down both the name of the site, and any identifying numbers or information so I can see the pictures you like and determine whether it will work with your text.

Check out: ,,  - and if you haven't found anything, let me know and I can help. 

Once you have the perfect photo I can start on your beautiful calligraphy project!