A totally unique gift on the web!

Imagine having a custom, personalized calligraphy art piece using your poem or any text of your choice. Combining a beautiful background and/or your personal photograph will make it a totally unique gift - the perfect keepsake for you, or someone you care about.

Your calligraphy piece is printed on your choice of amazing surfaces that can come ready to hang right out of the box.

It's a perfect, unique gift that will always be treasured! (the only place on the internet

Happy Chanukah in calligraphy
Merry Christmas in calligraphy


Handwritten Beautiful Calligraphy written in calligraphy
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Custom, personalized calligraphy 

for your poem, letters, or text of any kind,

using your personal photo (or not). 

It's the perfect gift for any person for any occasion!

Get inspired with ideas for your calligraphy art piece in the gallery and the wedding/anniversary gallery. Then contact me so we can create YOUR beautiful custom personalized calligraphy piece that is exactly what you want! (but not envelope addressing).

I’ll answer you by email within 24 hours

with ideas how to create your perfect unique gift with a no obligation estimate.

Combine your own personal photographs (even selfies!) or a background image of your choice.

Printed on a your choice of surface – paper, wood, canvas….

Your finished calligraphy artwork arrives ready to hang, right out of the box!

Not creative? Don’t worry.

Get inspired by looking through the galleries of other's custom calligraphy pieces

Your complete satisfaction guaranteed – just read the Rave Reviews.

Professional Calligraphy Services

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Calligraphy is the perfect gift for the person who you can't figure out what to get for a gift! Here are some ideas for the person who has everything! Personalized calligraphy is perfect for any occasion! 

Lianda (that's me!) has been a professional calligrapher since 1969. Technology has made it possible to add your photographs, artwork or gorgeous backgrounds or borders which enhance your poems and text. It arrives printed on a variety of surfaces that are delivered ready to hang!

It's so much fun to design and be able to provide you with an absolutely UNIQUE gift of personalized custom calligraphy that you won't find it anywhere else on the web. My calligraphy services are the perfect gift for the most discerning customer.

Let's collaborate to create your order working online. You don't have to be "creative" -

We'll combine your preferences with my design expertise to create exactly what you didn't even realize you wanted - you'll be amazed at how create you actually are!

I'll answer you within 24 hours. And, if you need assistance, I'm a phone call away.

Your gift of custom calligraphy can be sent worldwide. I often work with our soldiers deployed around the world to send their gifts to loved ones back at home.

The best part of my work as a professional calligrapher is to create art that make people tear up from the emotion of seeing their gift - it becomes a treasured keepsake that makes so many people happy Don't be worried about ordering- Read my rave reviews

Let's get started! Just click here. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Christian Scripture
Peace of Wild Things
John Legend Song Lyrics
Beautiful Love Poems

Professional Calligraphy Services Galleries

Get inspired by looking through the gallery of calligraphy pieces for ideas.